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Kingdoms and Ganas
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In this lesson, we will learn about different type of kingdoms and Ganas.

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Abhishek Srivastava
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thanks very much mam you are just awesome.
Juhi Mishra
a year ago
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sir , varna system also mentioned in rig veda . But , in all the vedas and bhagwat gita , there is nothing like untouchability . It was written everywhere that , a person adopts the varna according to his type of work . but, in later vedic periods "manu smriti etc." made this varna system corrupted and also puranas and involved the varna system in the society as a heriditary basis. It is not in the vedas.. please rectify.. ????
Sir,ajatshatru and vajji could not be understood.Please explain
Ajatsharu was a Magadha king and he wanted to attack Vajji then why did he send a minister to Buddha (who is from Vajji) ???
Vikas kumar
3 years ago
bcoz he respected buddha for his wisdom and like everyone wanted to seek his blessings and guidance
Ayesha Ebrahim
3 years ago
Thank you for your reply, Mr Vikas, but it seems like you didn't get my point. What I meant was why would Buddha help (or guide/give blessings) to Ajatshatru to attack his own city?
Shubham Kate
3 years ago
Me too could not understand that particular point. And.. Buddha told ways to Prosper vajjis and not ways to conquer it. May be those ajatsattu taking guidance and buddha telling about prosperity of vajji are 2 different points.
Ayesha Ebrahim
3 years ago
Yeah, even I think they are two different instances mentioned together.
Kartheek K
3 years ago
The Buddha belonged to a small gana known as the Sakya gana. He was not from Vajji Dynasty. So Ajasattu took advice from Budha, knowledgeble person and ruler , for which he explained how long Vajji can prosper
Vikas kumar
3 years ago
Ayesha,take it as simple,don't confuse urself, buddha was no king,he renounced the world,he served mankind in general without discrimination,so as a saint whoever approached him,he tried his best to guide and help.he had no differentiation as for sakya,vajji,magadha etc,everyone was helped and shown the best possible path, whether a king or common person.I hope it clears your doubt.thanks
Neha Sahrawat
2 years ago
I think the purpose of sending his minister to buddha could be that he wanted to seek buddha`s advice as to if there was a way other than war through which he could rule over vajji. Buddha in his advice told him the principles he should follow if he wanted the people of Vajji to live under his rule and prosper.
How the people initially got divided into groups
sir... plz upload class 7 onwards

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Indian maritime University, Kolkata Marine Engineer Qualified for UPSC mains twice Got selected in SSC and IBPS twice . GS faculty

  3. Previously.

  4. Rigveda . Manuscript on birchmark found in kashmir 150 years ago . Composed around 1500 BC in North west More than 1000 hymns called Sukta (well said) . Composed by sages in Vedic Sanskrit . Praise of Gods and goddesses rann i mrprins . .it tronar-ven -Agni fire Indra...warrior - Soma...plant for making drink . Taught to students...recited and heard

  5. Megaliths...silent sentinels Marked burial sites..started around 1000BC . Found in Deccan,South India, North east and Marked burial stes. started around 1000BC Kashmir . On the surface or underground . Circle of stones or singles

  6. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 100001 80001 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era Neolithic 3700 3600 2700 PALEOUTHIC Meso lithic 2500 Indus 500 Mahajanapada 1400 MAURYAS 3300 3200 3100 2300 iviliza1300Riedic 300 200 100 Dark Age 1200 era 2100 we are here! 2100 1100 400 Guptas 1400 2400 600 Harsha V1600 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (AD.)

  7. Raja . Chosen by Jana . Started big sacrifices like Ashwamegha Yagya Became central figure in rituals Special seat...throne...tiger skin Relatives performed minor rituals . Other . Vish...brought gifts Shudra excluded

  8. Varna Later Vedic books written Ganga Yamuna area . Sam-Atharva-Yajur composed by priests...defined rituals Rules about society . Divided people into four group....Varna as per function

  9. Decided by birth-Priests . Brahmin Study nd teach Vedas - Perform sacrifies and recieves gifts .Kshatriyas...rulers Fight battles and protect people -Can sacrifice Vaishya or vish -can sacrifice Farmers herders traders . Shudras Serve other three No rituals Women also grouped with them Untouchables were also added later -cant study vedas

  10. Janapada Big rajas...were the rajas of Janapada . Already excavated many Purana qila in Delhi Hastinapura near Meerut Atranjikhera near Etah . People Lived in huts Had cattles Grew variety of crops - rice wheat barley pulses sugercane sesame mustard Made earthen pots...Painted grey ware

  11. Mahajanpada About 500 BC some Janapadas became superior . Capital city . Fort -walls of wood, brick or stone Afraid of attack Protection Show off -Better control Required planning-labour-resources . Army- regular salaries.payment through punch marked coins

  12. Mah janapada Period (c. 500 BCE) MAHAJANAPADA (one of 16 great states listed in Anguttara Nikaya) kwAPAOA other states of anoent Inda) City or town f ancient Inda) KURUHastinapura KURUAhicchatra Indraprasthai D Ahicchatr MATSYA Mathura Sravest Kampilya KOSALA Kusinagare Ayodhy MALLA VRJI 1 A VATSA KASI Rajegnh Vaisali AS KSANG Kau ambi R jagtha Suktimat? V ranas MAGADHAps ANGA pUNDRA ,Vidis Tripur AVANTI Uljayini KACCHA ujayini SLRASTRA Bharukaccha AS MAK A Paudanyapura ANCHRA

  13. 7 Magadha (a kingdom) . Capital Magadha Benbay - Rajgir Arabian Sed Bay of Bengal Pataliputra (later) Alexander (Macedonia) -wished to be world conqueror Mathure Bodh Gays Conquered Egypt and west asia Arabian Sed Bay of Bengil

  14. Vajji (gana or Sangha) . Capital- Vaishali . Different form of government Many rulers...all called raja Performed rituals together...discusion debate . Women das kammakaras excluded Buddha and mahavira belonged to it

  15. Kingdoms wanted to take over sanghas and ganas Lasted till 500 AD Last captured by Guptas