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Kerala PSC||It &Cyber Law||Part 3(in Malayalam)
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Siji Biju
Computer Engineering Pg in sociology Cracked Kerala PSC

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thanks arushi mam for such precious course 👩‍🏫
Aarushi Singh
a year ago
Mam pls add more lesson
thanks nice class mam.
  1. It &cyberlaw

  2. >7. Which is standard protocol for sending emails across the internet? A. Hypertext transfer protocol(http) B. Post office protocol (pop) C. Simple mail transfer protocol(smtp) D. Internet message access protocol (imap)

  3. 8. Software piracy refers to? A. Unauthorised copying of software B. Data theft by means of software C. Spreading of malicious software D. Daniel service of attack on a server

  4. 9.which of the following terms is not associated with th cybercrime of attempting to acquire information by masquerading as a trustworthy entity? A.whaling B. clone phishing C. bait fishing D.spear phishing

  5. 10. Section 67 of IT act 2000 deals with? A. Tampering of computer source documents B.penalty for damage to computer computer systems extra C. Establishment of Cyber appellate Tribunal D. Publishing of information which is obscene in electronic form

  6. First cyber court set up in Delhi Asian School of Cyber Laws, Pune