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Kerala PSC||It &Cyber Law||Part 2|Exam(in Malayalam)
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Exam part 2 it

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Siji Biju
Computer Engineering Pg in sociology Cracked Kerala PSC

Unacademy user
mam kab tak sara topic cover ho jayega
Kirti Singh
10 months ago
Rizwan mai jaldi se jaldi sare topic cover karne ki kosis kar rahi hu.. aap daily Padhe.. aapko new lesson daily milega!!
Maam 14 sheri mpg thetti poyi
part1_14. part 2_15.tnk u mam
part 1 =13 2=9 kure confused ayi🙁
13/15 Thanks alot mam for ur support
Full correct mam. thank you
  1. It and cyber law 28/11/18 Part 2

  2. 1Full form of URL is? .A.Uniform Resource Locator .B.Uniform Resource Link .C.Uniform Registered Link .D.Unified Resource Link 2. Section 66F of IT Act deals with: a) Cyber Stalking b) Child pornography c) Phishing d) Cyber terrorism

  3. . 3VIRUS stands for e A. Very Important Resource Under Search B. Virtual Information Resource Under Seize C. Verify Interchange Result Until Source e D. Very Important Record User Searched 4. Programs stored in ROM are called . a. Hardware B. Firmware . C. Software D. None of the

  4. 5. Which among following first generation of computers had? A.V accum Tubes and Magnetic Drum B.Integrated Circuits C.Magnetic Tape and Transistors D.All of above 6. Where is RAM located? A.Expansion Board B.External Drive C.Mother Board D.All of above

  5. 7. WWW stands for? A. World Whole Web B.Wide World Web C.Web World Wide D.World Wide Web 8. In which of the following form, data is stored in computer? A.Decimal e B.Binary C.HexaDecimal D.Octal

  6. 9.What is full form of GUI in terms of computers? A.Graphical user Instrument B.Graphical unified Interface C.Graphical unified Instrument D.Graphical user Interface 10. Which operations are performed by RAM? A.Read B.Write e C.Read and Write D.Depends on computer

  7. 11. MPG is an file extension of which type of files? A.Audio . B.Image C.Video D.Flash 12. Which device among following is used for sending digital data over a phone line? e A.USB . B.Scanner C.Printer D.Modem

  8. 13. Which type of software is an operating system? .A.Utility Software B.System Software C.Application Software D.Firmware Software 14. Microsoft office is type of? . A.System software B.Application software C.Utility Software D.Firmware

  9. 15. One byte is equal to how many bits? . A.4 bits B.8 bits . C.12 bits . D.16 bits