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Kerala PSC||IT & Cyber law||PART 1(in Malayalam)
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Siji Biju
Computer Engineering Pg in sociology Cracked Kerala PSC

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5aamathe answer ASCII alle.2 textil answer ethanu koduthittullathu
4 months ago
Siji Mam,Mam padippikkunnath follow cheyyan easy aanu😊marannu pokilla aa...thanku mam
Mam University assistantle course pole ethile ella questions um previous thanne alle.. A small suggestion Previous matram anegil kurachoode effect avum.. Thanks for this course
  1. Information technology

  2. o 1. first widely used web browser in the world?Mosaic 2. .com,.edu,in etc are examples. Domain name 3.DNS.DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM 4.Laser was discovered by.... The first laser was built in 1960 by Theodore H. Maiman 5.which standard is used for converting keystrokes to corresponding bits. ANSI . 6. ANSI (American National Standardslnstitute)

  3. . 7. To perform warm boot (also called a "soft boot") means to restart acomputer. 8. It is often used in contrast to a cold boot, which refers to startingup a computer that is turned off. 9. which is appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked...hyperlink.. Wikipedia 10. the first computers were programmed using Machine language

  4. e 11. first fully supported 64 bit operating system? e Linux e 12.modem stands.... modulator-demodulator", A modem'spurpose is to convert digital information to analog signals (modulation), and to convert analog signals back into useful digital information (demodulation) 13. high-level language must be translated into machine language by a compiler or interpreter. o 14. first high level programming language 15.COBOL, C ,FORTRAN.HIGH LEVEL ...FORTRAN