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Kerala PSC||It & Cyber Law||Part 5(in Malayalam)
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  1. It & Cyber Law Part 5

  2. 1. Which one is an input device? A. Pen drive . B. Monitor .C. Keyboard D. Compact disc . 2. keyboard was invented by? Christopher Latham Sholes 3. the first computer mouse was invented by? . Douglas Engelbart

  3. . 4ldentify optical storage device A. Pen drive .B. Hard disk C. Compact disc D. Floppy disk . 5. what is a resolution? . A. Number of colours B. Number of pixels . C. Number of icons D. Number of images

  4. RAM Random Access Memory ROM Read Only MemorY .6.ROM . Read-only memory (ROM) is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices It does not lost its content when the power is switched off Permanent storag Onlyy reads no write capability The instructions stored in ROM are called firmware .P ROM... Programmable ROM . Eprom... Erasable programmable ROM Eeprom.... Electrically erasable programmable ROM