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Introducing Yourself
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Points to remember while introducing yourself.

Sourabh Joneja
MBA (Mktg), B Sc , Ex banker, Selected as RRB scale 3 manager. Educator since 2011. Subject matter expert for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoni

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You are so strong Ma'am....I wish, I can.... Salute to u.
  1. The Right Approach to Crack an Interview unacademy Presented by: Sourabh Joneja

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  3. About me Graduated from BU Post Graduation (MBA-Mktg) from Lu. Over 10 Yrs of corporate work experience in FMCG, Banking & Education sector. -Selected as Scale 3 Officer in Shreyas Gramin Bank. Educator since 2011 Subject Matter Expert for Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning ability, Banking Awareness and Marketing Management. Groomed, Educated and Guided over 1o000 students so far Love Travelling, Cooking and Reading. Presently running my own Institute and a Youtube channel by the name of Excel& Exceed Education.

  4. What Kind of questions are asked in an Interview Questions based on your Resume. Questions from your education Background. . Questions pertaining to your past job/ assignments/ work experience. Questions on your achievements. . Questions on Hobbies & Interests Questions on Strengths & weaknesses. Questions on future plans/ goals, aim in life . General awareness questions related to your area of interest and Hobbies

  5. What Kind of questions are asked in an Interview Questions from General Knowledge and current affairs. General awareness questions pertaining to v Social, Political, and Economic issues. Recent financial developments. Major National and International events. Science &Technology. Art, culture and Sports Situation based questions. Questions based on response given by you in previous questions. And many more.

  6. Tell us about yourself? This is one of the most common and also a very important asked questions in interviews. Therefore you need to have a short introduction prepared in your mind This question represents an opportunity to lead the interviewer in the direction you want him to go so you can highlight all the strong points and areas where you would be most comfortable in answering the questions. A good introduction should: abe precise and to the point. agive just as much information as is needed to make an impressive start. highlight your achievements and any unique learning experiences that you have been through so far in life.

  7. Tell us about yourself? Try to cover a brief about you, which may include your Background Your family Qualifications. a Interests and Hobbies. . Work experience (if any) Your career objective which may include that why you are looking for entering into this sector. Talk about things you have done and jobs you have held that relate to the position you are giving the interview for. a Start with the item farthest back and work up to the present.

  8. Tell us about yourself? Some questions that may be asked: > How would you describe yourself? Tell us about yourself? What led you to choose the career for which you are preparing? What personal characteristics are necessary for succeeding in the career that you are interested in ? > What is your philosophy of life? > Why do you want to switched career fields?

  9. Tell us about yourself? A final word on approaching this question. Once you are done with your Intro, stop speaking, don't keep on speaking for the sake of speaking, you just might say something foolish and completely unnecessary. Sometimes interviewers don't interrupt in order to e the candidate the impression that he has not spoken enough. is is just a stress/error-inducing tactic. In case the pause gets too awkward for your liking, just add something like, "ls there something specific that you wish to know me?" about

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