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Indian Constitution. (In Hindi)
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This lesson explains about the Indian Constitution.

Ruchita Sharma
B.A (hons) Political Science, M.A in Sociology from Delhi University, B.ED , Qualified Prelims

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mam Mera optional political science guidance dijye Hindi medium me please help upsc syllables , ncert kya p read Karna hai kya Nahi please help upsc Hindi
Ruchita Sharma
6 months ago
Hi Mohd .. please aap mujhe unacademy ke message mai baat kare ! :)
mam Mera optional political science guidance dijye Hindi medium me please help upsc syllables , ncert kya p read Karna hai kya Nahi please help upsc

  2. ABOUT ME . B.A (hons) Political Science . Delhi Universitv .A in Sociology e Qualified Prelims Hobbies: Solving puzzles and Music . Rate, Review, Recommend, Share and Follow

  3. CONTENTS . Why do we need a Constitution? e Making of the Indian Constitution. . The Constituent Assembly. Philosophy of the Constitution.

  4. WHY DO WE NEEDA CONSTITUTION? * The constitution of a country is a set of written rules that are accepted by all people li A constitution does many things: 1 It generates a degree of trust and coordination (2 It specifies how the government will be constituted, 3) It lays down limits on the powers of the government 4 It expresses the aspirations of the people

  5. MAKING OF THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION The making of the constitution for a huge and diverse country like India was not an easy affair . As far back as in 1928, Motilal Nehru and eight other Congress leaders drafted a constitution for India. . Indian constitution adopted many institutional details an d . rocedures from colonial laws like the Government of India Act, 935. Many of our leaders were inspired by the ideals of French Revolution, the practice of parliamentary democracy in Britain and the Bill of Rights in the US. .

  6. THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY . The drafting of the document called the constitution was done by an assembly of elected representatives called the Constituent Assembly. Its first meeting was held in December 1946. . The Constituent Assembly that wrote the Indian constitution had 299 members. . The Assembly adopted the Constitution on 26 November 1949 but it came into effect on 26 January 1950.

  7. THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY . Why should we accept the Constitution made by this Assembly more than fifty years ago? 1 It expresses a broad consensus of its time. (2 The Constituent Assembly represented the people of India 3 The Constituent Assembly worked in a systematic, open and consensual manner.

  8. PHILOSOPHY OF THE CONSTITUTION . These values are embedded in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution. * They guide all the articles of the Indian Constitution. This is called the Preamble to the constitution. . It contains the philosophy on which the entire Constitution has been built. . It is the soul of the Indian Constitution.