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India under the Delhi Sultanate - 1
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India under Delhi sultanate 1 briefly explained for RPF RRB TNPSC competitive exam

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Saravana Kumar
# Founder of "Tamizha Academy" # l cleared TNTET # I have 7 years experience in competitive exams (TNPSC, TNTET, POLICE, ARMY, RRB)

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Atomicity:Transaction takes place at once or doesn’t happen at all no partial transactions. Consistency: The transaction integrity constraints must be maintained so that the database is consistent before and after the transaction and refers to the correctness of a database. Isolation:Many Transactions can occur concurrently without leading to inconsistency of database state and they occur independently without interference. Durability: Transaction has completed execution, the updates and modifications to the database are stored in and written to disk and they persist even is system failure occur. They are stored permanently in non volatile memory.
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