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18th Century - Company Dominates ( Tamil)
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18th Century - company dominates briefly explained for RPF RRB TNPSC competitive exam

Saravana Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Saravana Kumar
# Founder of "Tamizha Academy" # l cleared TNTET # I have 7 years experience in competitive exams (TNPSC, TNTET, POLICE, ARMY, RRB)

Unacademy user
i think A B D CEF is the right answer
Anngad Singh
3 years ago
The sentence preceding D should give a reason for the high price sensitivity, as suggested by "So". It may appear that B is giving the reason for price sensitivity, but it is not! (which is the primary source of confusion). B is explaining what price sensitivity means. A is telling the cause for price sensitivity, which is the high availability (and hence, should come immediately before D). High availability is causing high price sensitivity, not people going and buying elsewhere. People buying elsewhere due to high prices is the definition of price sensitivity. This was an extremely tricky one, thanks for raising the doubt. :)
Kanav Malhotra
2 years ago
@Anngad it could be the case that example follows hypothesis ...?