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50 lessons • 6h 59m

Europeans Advent (in Tamil)

8m 30s

Europeans Advent part 2 (in Tamil)

8m 28s

Carnatic Wars (in Tamil)

8m 13s

Battle of Plassey & Battle of Baxar (in Tamil)

8m 14s

Lord warren Hastings (in Tamil)

8m 11s

Lord of Caranvalis (in Tamil)

8m 21s

Lord Wellesley (Tamil)

9m 17s

Marquis Hastings (Tamil)

9m 05s

William Bending Lord ( Tamil)

8m 37s

Lord Dalhousie (Tamil)

8m 49s

Alexander's invasion of India ( Tamil)

8m 35s

The Maurya Empire (Tamil)

8m 23s

Political history of Maurya

8m 25s

Mauryre Regime (Tamil)

8m 34s

Maurya Art and Architecture (Tamil)

8m 08s

Post-Mauritius India (Tamil)

8m 21s

Kushanas (Tamil)

8m 09s

Gupta Empire (Tamil)

8m 22s

Gupta Regime (Tamil)

8m 29s

Harsar (Tamil)

8m 04s

Ancient Indian Literature (Tamil)

8m 24s

Chalukyas (Tamil)

8m 13s

Rastirakkutarkal (Tamil)

8m 09s

Racaputtirarkal (Tamil)

8m 32s

Ghajini Muhammad (Tamil)

8m 19s

Ghori muhammad (Tamil)

8m 19s

India under the Delhi Sultanate - 1

8m 18s

India under Delhi sultanate 2 (Tamil)

8m 14s

Bamini Kingdom (Tamil)

8m 06s

India under Mughals (Tamil)

8m 16s

Sikhism (Tamil)

8m 24s

Indian Constitution Development (Tamil)

8m 15s

Organizations and Creators (Tamil)

8m 22s

Viceroys (Tamil)

8m 33s

Development of Education (Tamil)

8m 18s

17th Century - Company business expansion (Tamil)

8m 14s

18th Century - Company Dominates ( Tamil)

8m 10s

19th Century - Resistance ti English domination (Tamil)

8m 37s

20th Century - Freedom Struggle (Tamil)

8m 27s

India after Independence - Social progress (Tamil)

8m 17s

India after independence - Education development (Tamil)

8m 15s

India after independence -Nuclear Energy Research

8m 15s

India after independence - Space Research

9m 09s

India after independence - Foreign policy ( Tamil)

8m 21s

Sangam period (Tamil)

8m 08s

Sangam period regime (Tamil)

8m 15s

Pallava period (Tamil)

8m 18s

Pandaya Empire (Tamil)

8m 07s

Chozha empire (Tamil)

8m 20s

The Nayaks ruled in Tamilnadu (Tamil)

8m 15s

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