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Important Previous years questions of IIT JEE Part - 7 (In Hindi)
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Through this lesson, you can learn the solution of some advanced level questions which has asked in previous years exams of IIT JEE.

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Kumar Ketan
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Neha Saini
9 months ago
Thank you and also write review and rate the course and recommend to others.
abe ketya kitna time lega be jaldi reply kr na
Kumar Ketan
10 months ago
First of all you should maintain your words
Harshvardhan Mhetre
10 months ago
baata na ab
Harshvardhan Mhetre
10 months ago
Harshvardhan Mhetre
10 months ago
Harshvardhan Mhetre
10 months ago
accha na sorry fir se nahi hoyenga aisa
I am not able to solve hcv question but when I see the solutions I think it was easy but i am not able to solve after trying for 15 to 20mins. I am able to solve only 35-45 questions out of 70
sir please help me I am really doing hard work and I will do anything.
sir aapne 6.38 Par Del t Kyo lika baha to t aana chaiye tha na
Kumar Ketan
10 months ago
t or Del t is just a symbol. Nothing else in this lesson
thanks a lot 😍
Kumar Ketan
a year ago
Arti Bhaira
a year ago
  1. Home ExploreSearch Courses, Topics &Educators 0 minutes today Kumar Ketan Hey, this is kumar Ketan. I'm graduate in physics and doing further studies. I Edit Profile would love to teach you and give you all my knowledge. 415 Views in last 30 days 1,377 Lifetime Views 7 Courses 499 Followers Following Course Overview Expected topics of Current Affairs for SSC/1BPS/UPSC/PCS/UPPSC/ALL OTHER GOVERNMENT EXAMS with some details COLLISION A col ision as an isolated event in which two or more colliding bodies exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time CURRENT AFFAIRS Expected topics of General Awareness for UPSC CSE/SSc/ Railway with some details Collision between particles have been divided broadly into two typer: 1. Elastk collision st VOTE enroll By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan (Hindi) Collision for IIT JEE (Hindi) Current Affairs 2018 for UPSC CSE (Hindi) General Awareness: Most Important 50 Question for. 23 Lessons 6 Lessons

  2. Two masses "m" and "2m" are placed in fixed horizontal circular smooth hollow tube of radius "r" as shown in figure. The mass m is moving with speed "u" and the mass "2m" is stationary. After their first collision, the time elapsed for next collision. (coefficient of restitution e-1/2) IT JEE 2004 27r 37tr

  3. Solution: 2 m

  4. Let the speed of balls of mass m and 2m after collision be vi and v2 as shown in figure. Applying conservation of momentum 2

  5. 7 u1UL2 202-201 = - u 7 7 Solving we get v 0 and v2- V212 now time Ttr 7 At

  6. A plastic ball falls on a floor with speed v and then rebounds vertically. process is repeated a number of times till the ball stops. If the coefficient of restitution is e, then what is the total momentum imparted by the plastic ball to the floor? The (a)p(ite) 1- (d) p

  7. Solution: When a particle undergoes normal collision, the speed of particle after the collision is "e" times the speed before collision, Initial momentum p-mv change in momentum after first impact change in momentum after second impact change in momentum after third impact therefore, total momentum imparted ep(-p)p (1+e) = e (ep)-(ep) = ep (1+e) e p (1+e) p (1+e) (1tee..

  8. we use G.P =a+ar+ar2 + = { } where a is first term and r is common ratio =p(1+e) 1+e