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Important Previous years questions of IIT JEE Part - 6 (In Hindi)
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Through this lesson, you can learn the solution of some advanced level questions which has asked in previous years exams of IIT JEE.

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Kumar Ketan
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Sir what is Blue Ice ? What is green field project ?
Vishwender Singh
3 years ago
Blue ice in the context of aviation is frozen sewage material leaked mid-flight from commercial aircraft lavatory waste systems, a biowaste mixture of human waste and liquid disinfectant that freezes at high altitude.
Vishwender Singh
3 years ago
The Greenfield project means that a work which is not following a prior work. In infrastructure the projects on the unused lands where there is no need to remodel or demolish an existing structure are called Green Field Projects.
Vaibhav Shivade
3 years ago
Thank you #Vishwender_sir
  1. 0 minutes today Home ExplorelSearch Courses, Topics & Educators Kumar Ketan Hey, this is kumar Ketan. I'm graduate in physics and doing further studies. I Edit Profile would love to teach you and give you all my knowledge. 415 views in last 30 days 1,377 Lifetime Views 7 Courses 499 Followers Following Expected topics of Current Affairs for SSC/IBPS/UPSC/PCS/UPPSC/ALL OTHER GOVERNMENT EXAMS with some details COLLISION Course Overview A col ision as an isolated event in which two or more colliding bodies exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time CURRENT AFFAIRS Expected topics of General Awareness for UPSC CSE/SSC/ Railway with some details Collision between particles have been divided broadly into two typer: 1. Elastk collision 1st VOTE enroll By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan (Hindi) Collision for IIT JEE (Hindi) Current Affairs 2018 for UPSC CSE (Hindi) General Awareness: Most Important 50 Question for.

  2. In a one dimensional collision between two identical particles A and B, B is stationary and A has momentum p before impact. During impact, B gives impulse J to A (a) The total momentum o the 'A plus B' system is p before and after the impact, and (p -1) during the impact. (b)During the impact A g ves impulse J to B (c)the coefficient of restitutio -1 (d)the coefficient of restitution is L+1

  3. Solution: According to question: Before impact- mui m in After impact- Where J is impulse.

  4. Before impact For partical A, Let, Then momentum = mass velocity mass = m velocity = U1 For partical B, mass=m velocity- 42 Because partical B is stationary

  5. After impact- For partical A, Let, velocity= For partical B, Let, velocity-v2 Then Impulse= F t {F=ma = max t m (axt) 2 2

  6. From law of conservation of linear momentum- where mim2m w2 from eq.2 U2

  7. from eq. (1) then PIeg. (3)

  8. We know that coefficient of restitution- 02-Vi from eq (1), eq (2) and eq (3) JP_J 0-P/m _2J_P 2.J

  9. elastic head on collision with another sphere of heavier mass M at rest collision (no external force acts on system of two spheres ). Statement-2: During a collision of spheres of unequal masses, the heavier (M>>m), then direction of velocity of sphere of mass m is reversed due to exerts more force on lighter mass in comparison to the force which lighter mass exerts on heavier mass.

  10. a)Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True; Statement-2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1 b) Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is True; Statement-2 is not a correct explanation for Statement-1 c)Statement-1 is True, Statement-2 is False d) Statement-1 is False, Statement-2 is True