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Important Previous years questions of IIT JEE part - 2 (In Hindi)
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Through this lesson, you can learn the solution of some advanced level questions which has asked in previous years exams of IIT JEE.

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Kumar Ketan
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video numbers are in reverse order!!. please arrange them in order.
Course was excellent.
why we didn't take option 1
sir d option ka graph ka koi aur logic ho sakta hai kya ??? please tell sir
Sarthak garg
7 months ago
because there is a peak in that graph
very very valuable information about this chapter....thank you 😍
good job ............
aree par d option kaise wrong h
  1. Home ExploreSearch Courses, Topics &Educators 0 minutes today Kumar Ketan Hey, this is kumar Ketan. I'm graduate in physics and doing further studies. I Edit Profile would love to teach you and give you all my knowledge. 415 Views in last 30 days 1,377 Lifetime Views 7 Courses 499 Followers Following Course Overview Expected topics of Current Affairs for SSC/1BPS/UPSC/PCS/UPPSC/ALL OTHER GOVERNMENT EXAMS with some details COLLISION A col ision as an isolated event in which two or more colliding bodies exert relatively strong forces on each other for a relatively short time CURRENT AFFAIRS Expected topics of General Awareness for UPSC CSE/SSc/ Railway with some details Collision between particles have been divided broadly into two typer: 1. Elastk collision st VOTE enroll By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan By Kumar Ketan (Hindi) Collision for IIT JEE (Hindi) Current Affairs 2018 for UPSC CSE (Hindi) General Awareness: Most Important 50 Question for. 23 Lessons 6 Lessons

  2. PROBLEMS OF COLLISIONS Advanced Level (Asked in IIT JEE) 2

  3. A tennis ball is dropped on a horizontal smooth surface .lt bounces back to its original position after hitting the surface. The force on the ball during the collision is proportional to the length of the compression of the ball. Which one of the following is sketches describes the variation of its kinetic energy K with time t most appropriately? The figures are only illustrative and not to the scale. [JEE (Adv.) 2014] (AU (Ca

  4. Solution: During fall, 2 So graph is upward parabola.

  5. During collision, KE will decrease in compression and increase in reformation. Finally, during going up KE will decrease.

  6. . The bob "A" of a pendulum released from 30% to the vertical hits another bob "B" of the same mass at rest on a table as shown in figure. How high does the bob "A" rise after the collision? Neglect the size of the bob and assume the collision to be elastic. IIT JEE 1997 30

  7. Solution: In this elastic collision velocity of masses are exchanged. A" doesn't rise

  8. Two masses "m" and "2m" are placed in fixed horizontal circular smooth hollow tube of radius "r" as shown in figure. The mass m is moving with speed "u" and the mass "2m" is stationary. After their first collision, the time elapsed for next collision. (coefficient of restitution e-1/2) IT JEE 2004 27r 37tr

  9. Solution: 2 m

  10. Let the speed of balls of mass m and 2m after collision be vi and v2 as shown in figure. Applying conservation of momentum 2