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Collision, Numerical with Tricks (In Hindi)
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Through this lesson, you can learn to solve some numerical of collision by trick.

Kumar Ketan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kumar Ketan
#Specialisation in Electronics #6 years teaching experience #Physics Faculty in Kota #"magical education" (211k+ subs) #Writer

Unacademy user
mam please provide a course on cloze test...really needed
wow sir its really good .. monday ko mera exam h sir usme saare chapters aa rahe h chapter 1 se 6 tk nd ye tricks mujhe bht achchi lgi ise questn speed me ho rahe h jbki hume pura long method krwaya h usse ho toh jata h pr tym lgta h .... thank u so much sir.... u r really the best teacher.....
sir agar ak bar one dimensional collision ko discribe kar do with proof.
you are awesome Sir 👍
Kumar Ketan
10 months ago
Thanks dear
sir nice tricks I need more like this sir
without concept trick=fake
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  2. unacademy $Coefficient of restitution or coefficient of resilience *Numerical with Trick

  3. Coefficient of restitution or coefficient of esilience In actual practice, collision between all real objects are neither perfectly elastic nor they are perfectly inelastic. They are called imperfect or semi elastic collision. The degree of elasticity of a collision is determined by a quantity, called coefficient of restitution or coefficient of resilience Coefficient of restitution or coefficient of resilience of a collision is a defined as the ratio of relative velocity of separation after collision to the relative velocity of approach before collision It is represented by e

  4. relative velocity of separation (after collision) e relative velocity of approach (before collision) 7 2 7 ITI 2 U1 ITi mm2 my m 2

  5. Tricks for numericals: If we find final velocity after "n" bounce then use equation-

  6. Form a height of 81 meter a ball is dropped. f e-1/3 what is the speed of the ball after 2 collision with the ground.? Solution: V2 = 0 + 2 10 81 v- 18V5 1 3

  7. Trick for numericals: If we find final height after n bounce then we use: 2n

  8. From a height of 100 meter a boll of mass 2 kg is dropped if e=1N2 then calculate its final height? Where no of bounce is 2 Solution: 2 2 100 V2 4. = ! ) 100 V2 1 H =- 100 4 H 25 m