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HTML Tags (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will talk about HTML tags, why do we use them, how the browser reads them, what are the different parts of the tag and what are the different types of HTML tags.

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  2. 2 what are HTML tags? HTML tags are special parts of the HTML script which define the different parts of the document. There are many different types of HTML tags and they all have different properties.

  3. 3 why do we need to use HTML tags? When a web browser reads the HTML file, the browser reads it from top to bottom and left to right. HTML tags define the properties of those texts and present the content part as it is supposed to, according to its property

  4. 4 Parts of a HTML tag: There are three main parts of a tag Opening tag, content and closing tag. ening tag, content and closing taa However some tags do not have a closing tag Syntax: <tag> content </tag>

  5. Examples of HTML tags The HTML tags are always written in lower case letters. The HIML fags are always wriffen in lower case leffers Some of the basic HTML tags are shown below: <p paragraph tag</p.> <h2>heading tag</h2> <b>bold tagk/b> <iitalics tag</i>

  6. 6 Types of HTML tags They can be broadly classified into two categories. Closed tags tags which have a closing tag part. E.g. paragraph tag, bold tag, body tag etc. Unclosed tags: tags which do not need a closing tag. E.g. break line tag, horizontal line tag E.a. break line taa, horizontal line tag In the next lecture we will learn about the format of the HTML code

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