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The <title> Tag and the <DOCTYPE> Tag (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will talk about the title tag, why it is important for our file and the Doctype tag, why and how it is used.

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  2. 2 The <title> tag The title tag is used to give title to our web page. When we open ur HTML file in a web browser we can see that title on the tab name. It is very important for our page because it describes the page as well as it is used by search engines

  3. 3 The <title> tag The <title> tag is written inside the head tags E.g <html> head> title> First page </title> /head <body> This is the body part. </body> /body> </html> first page - Notepad File Edit Format e Help <html> <head> title> First page </title> </head> <body This is the body part. </html>

  4. 4 The <title> tag This is how it will look in the web browser. First page O | file:// cusers/ASUM This is the body part. file:///C:/Users/ASU ..

  5. The <!DOCTYPE> tag In the html documents, you might have seen that there is a KIDOCTYPE html> declaration, it is not a htmltag. This declaration is used to instruct the web browser about the about the html page. There are many versions of HTML, so we must notify the browser about our document type. It is a DTD (document type declaration), which defines the rules for the markup language so that it understands the content correctly

  6. 6 The <!DOCTYPE> tag This declaration is different for different versions of HTML For our use we will use the declaration as <IDOCTYPE html> It is a good practice to give this declaration at the beginning of the document. In the next lecture, we will make our first web page.

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