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Creating a HTML File (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will talk about html file, how to create a html file, the extension used for this and how to view the file as a web page.

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Mam in the first question I'm having a confusion regarding the use of apostrophe "s" in "people's" do make lessons covering this concept
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  2. 2 What is a HTML file? Text files with special tags that define different segments of the file. Since they are simple text files we can use our notepad to create HTML files.

  3. 3 Different types of HTML editors: Source code editors evolved from basic text editors, but include additional tools specifically geared toward handling code; E.g. BBEdit Bluefish Microsoft Visual Studio Notepad++ .NetBeans IDE You can use anyone that suits your purpose

  4. 4 You should try to implement the things that you learn here in the coUrse In this series, we will use the basic notepad that is provided in the windows OS and so that anyone who wants to try will be able to access the editor too.

  5. Extensions of the HTML file Since we are using the normal notepad, to tell the computer or any device that it is a HTML file we must save the file using the extensions .htm or .html by doing this we will be able to open the files in text editor as well as our browser.

  6. 6 Creating our first HTML file: Step 1: open the notepad Step 2: write our code Step 3: save our file using the .html extension. Save As This PC > Desktop vSearch Delitop Organize New folder Untitled-Notepad File Edit Format View Help <html> head> </head> body> This is th body part /body> </html> This PC Downloads Music Pictures Torrent Creating htmil file cstrike-Shortcut File name first page.htm Save as type: AFiles first page A Hide Folders Encoding ANS Our first HTML file is created

  7. 7 To view our HTML file as a web page Open the HTML file in any web browser The browser will the show the file as a web page as we have defined using the tags. o l filev//cusersAsuscm | This is the body part In the next lecture we will learn more about these HTML tags

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