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HTML formatting tags I (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, we will discuss the different formatting tags available in HTML and how to use them.

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if i want to change the yellow color of mark tag then how i can do this???

  2. 2 HTML Formatting process of formatting text for better look and feel many formatting tags in HTML These tags are used to make text bold, italicized, or underlined There are almost 12 options available that how text appears in HTML

  3. 3 Bold Text </b> element, is shown write anything within <b> in bold letters see this example: <p> <b> First Paragraph in bold text.</b></p> Output: First Paragraph in bold text.

  4. 4 HTML Marked formatting to mark or highlight a text first page . Notepad File Edit Format View Help html> <head> title> paragraph page </title> </head> body> <h2> I want to put a <mark Mark</mark> on your face</h2> /body> </html> paragraph page | file:///C:/Users/ASUS/CHI I want to put a Mark on your face

  5. Italic Text write anything within. element, is shown in italic letters See this example: pWrite Your First Paragraph in italic text./i/p> Output: Write Your First Paragraph in italic text.

  6. 6 Underlined Text anything within <u> </u> element, is shown in underlined text See this example: <p> <u>Write Your First Paragraph in underlined text./u/p> Output: Write Your First Paragraph in underlined text

  7. 7 Strike Text </strike> element is displayed Anything written within <strike> with strikethrough. It is a thin line which cross the statement. See this example: <p> <strike>Write Your First Paragraph with strikethrough</strike></p> Output: Write Your First Paragraph-with-strikethrough.

  8. 8 Monospaced Font Note: We know that most of the fonts are known as variable-width fonts because different letters have different width. Monospaced Font provides similar space among every letter each letter has the same width then when written within stt/t> element.

  9. Monospaced Font see this example: p>Hello<tt>Write Your First Paragraph in monospaced font.</t></p> Output: paragraph page O | file:///C:/Users/ASUS/ Hello Write Your First Paragraph in monospaced font.

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