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Harshavardhana and Southern Dynasties (in Hindi)
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Harshvardhana was the last great Hindu ruler which could not penetrate into South due to Chalukyas.

Abhishek Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Abhishek Srivastava
GS faculty and subject matter expert | 4 yrs Teaching Exp.| HiStory, Geog. and Polity courses with interrelation, logic & chronology.

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mam your teaching style is so nice
Arpita Prakash
7 months ago
Check this video and all other previous videos on note making Thanks
harshvardhan wrote - nagnanda ratnavoli priyadarshika
sir u r really a champ gr8 man.iam ur fan now.watched all ur videos.ancient modern medieval India educator in unacademy
very helpful but I have a confusion in Jainism ..1st thrithankra was Rishav deva.24th was Mahavira.23 was parasnath ..I think so it may be.don't take it otherwise.....
Awaif Gadekaai
2 years ago
24 th mahaveera
Rinu Ranjan
2 years ago
24th tirthankar -- Mahavira , 23rd -- Parshvanath and first - Rishabdeva
great effort by u . Histoty was my difficult sub but after ur crash course i think i can now do better in history .
sir u r really a champ gr8 man.iam ur fan now.watched all ur videos.ancient modern medieval India educator in unacademy

  2. Abhishek Srivastava ABOUT ME: . Indian maritime University, Kolkata . Qualified for UPSC mains twice . GS faculty Qualified IIT JEE 2006 Marine Engineer selected in SSC and IBPS twice . ek6077 . Crash Course on Modern History Ncert Class VI Summary

  3. Before Christ(B.C 2mn 10000 8000 6000 4000 900 later 800 vedic 700 era 2700 2600 2500 Indus 2400 Valley 2300 Civiliza 1300 Rigvedic 300 Neolithic 3700 PALEOLITHIC Meso 3600 500 Mahajanapada lithic MAURYAS 3200 3100 1200 era 1100 we are here! 2100 2100 Dark Age 1100 400 Guptas1400 2400 2600 2700 600 HarshaV 700 Prophet 1700 1000 Anno Domio (A.D.)

  4. HARSHAVARDHANA 625 AD PUNJA Shtanvisv Mathura NDH MAUKHA o Kannau VARMANS RLATE GUPTAS Pataliputra GAUDA Vidisha MAITRAKAS KALACHURIS Karnasubarn Ujjain labhi amralipti rukaccha Ajanta Core area a Core area of Harsha Vardhana's CHALUKYAS Vengi Outer boundaries of Harsha Vardhana's Empire Revatidvi Badami Core area of the Chalukya Empire Outer boundaries PA AS Core area of Shashanka's Gauda kingdom Outer boundaries chipuram ERAS Core area of the Pallava Outer boundaries

  5. Pushyabhuti dynasty 550-647AD Tuyuhun shmir Zhang-Zhung?Tanguts Kapisa Taank Tibetan Kingdoms and Tribes . feudatories of the gupta Thanesar 2 Kanna 28Kamaru Ujjain Chandell Magadha yangPyu Gauda Kalachuris CityTr an States ruled at Thanesar, in Haryana. but declare independence after HUNS invasion Chalukya Kosala dra Empire Kalinga India in 60o AD Version 1 Thaton, 29 Pallavas Gangas Email: Pandyas ntries: Langkasu Moriyas 16. Mercia 17. Wessex Made kanauj as a capital.

  6. Prabhakaravardhana: The first important ruler suceeded by his eldest son Rajyavardhana After he killed by SHASHANKAu .his brother HARSHA came to power. Tuyuhun Kashmi Zhang-Zhungts Kapisa Tibetan Kingdoms and Tribes Taank Thanesar Kannauj 28 K Uijain Chandellas Magadha Va Pyu City- Gauda Kalachuris Chalukya Kosala Odra Arakan,states Empire Kalinga India in 600 AD Version 1 Thaton 2 Pallavas Gangas Pandyas ntries: Langka Moriyas 16. Mercia

  7. Harshavardhana 606-647AD He is called the last great Hindu emperor of India. But his authority is limited to North India. He followed a tolerant religious policy. Pulkeshin II of chalukya dynasty inflicted a decisive on Harsha. It was the only defeat of Harsha. He maintained diplomatic relation with Hiuen-Tsang visited India during his period. china

  8. kannuauj assembly was held in the Honour of Hiuen- Tsang and to popularsie mahayana sect of buddhism. prayaga assembly was held begining of Kumbha fair. Harsha's history is reconstructed from a study of Banabhatta, who was his court poet wrote a book called HARSHACHARITA.

  9. Info from inscriptions coins and biographies Banabhatta Info from inscriptons coins and biographies Court poet Wrote Harshacharita in Sanskrit Xuan Zang came to his court and wrote about it Harsha wrote

  10. SOUTH INDIA Tuyuhun Kashmi Zhang-Zhung?Tanguts Kapisa. Tibetan Kingdoms and Tribes Taank Thanesar Kanna 28 Kamarupa PyuT City Tr Uijain Chadll Magadha Gauda Kalachuris Chalukya Kosala (Odra Arakan tates Kalinga Chalukya KosalaSodra Empire 29 India in 600 AD Version 1 Thaton Pal Gangas Email: Pandyas ntries: Langkasu Moriyas 16. Mercia Wessex

  11. THANK YOU Keep Learning !!!