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Grievance Management (In Hindi)
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In depth discussion on disconnect and arise of Grievance.

Ashima Negi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ashima Negi
CBSE UGC NET. Full time Assistant Professor; MBA-FINANCE;BBA;NCFM;PGDM;TQM;ISO & QS9000;Assurance;CCIBL, Youtuber studytalkwithashima

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Eight friends -A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing outward the circle. Each of them likes a different subjects-Hindi, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer and Civics but not necessarily in the same order. A sits third to the left of the person who likes Civics. A is not the person who likes English. F is not the immediate neighbour of A. Only two people sit between the person who likes Civics and H. The person who likes Chemistry and the person who likes History are immediate neighbours of each other. Neither A nor H likes Chemistry or History. The person who likes Computer sits third to the left of B. B does not like Chemistry. C sits to the immediate left of the person who likes English. The person who likes Chemistry is not an immediate neighbour of the person who likes Civics. The person who likes Hindi sits second to the right of E. E is not an immediate neighbour of H. The person who likes Hindi is the immediate neighbour of both the persons who likes Physics and Computer. D does not like Chemistry.
Silpi Dutta
a year ago
  1. University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test By:- Assistant Professor(Ms.)Ashima Negi Candidate For Doctorate (Ph.D.) UGC NET-Management. CA(I), MBA Finance, BBA, PGDM-Materials Management, NCFM, TOM & ISO 9000, Qs 9000 & Assurance, CCIBL

  2. GRIEVANCE MANAGEMENT A complaint. Wages, allowances, conditions of work, service stipulations, overtime, leave, transfer. Promotion, seniority, job assignment, termination of service. "Complaints affecting one or more individual workers in respect of wage payments, over time, leave, transfer, promotion, seniority, work assignment and discharges constitute grievances." National Commission on Labour

  3. Characteristics Of Grievances It may be invoiced or expressly stated by an employee. It may be written or verbal It may be valid and legitimate, untrue or completely false or ridiculous and It may arise out of something connected with the Organisation or work. An employee feels that an injustice has been done to him Grievances are feelings, something real, sometimes imagined, which an employee may have in regard to his employment situation.