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GATE 2018 afternoon slot Thermodynamics solved questions
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In this lesson we will discuss all the GATE 2018 Thermodynamics questions of afternoon slot.

RUTUJA Bothara
Strengthen GATE /PSU/ESE/SSC JE/RRB JE /campus Placements preparation. A passionate mechanical engineer -VIT University

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  1. GATE Previous years Thermodynamics questions GATE 2018 Thermodynamics solved questions set 2 By Rutuja Bothara

  2. RUTUJA BOTHARA Perusing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. (2015-2019) . Cleared JEE Mains 2015 .Cleared VITEEE-2015 with AIR 8718 Cracked HITSEEE-2015 with AIR 91 . Worked as a Career Counsellor in Teachers Academy (2016- 2018) and BOLO app 9511

  3. For an ideal gas with constant properties undergoing a quasi-static process, which one of the following represents the change of entropy (AS) from state 1 to 2? AS-Cpln(T2/T1)_RIn(P2P1) As Cvln(T2/T1)-Cpln(V2/V1) AS-Cpln(T2/T1 )-Cvln(P2P1)

  4. Select the correct statement for 50% reaction stage in a steam turbine The rotor blade is symmetric. .The stator blade is symmetric. The absolute inlet flow angle is equal to absolute exit flow angle The absolute exit flow angle is equal to inlet angle of rotor blade.

  5. -It is a very widely used reaction turbine has half degree ofreaction or 50% reaction. It consists of symmetrical stator and rotor blades - Parson's Turbine

  6. V, r1 02 Parson's turbine It has symmetrical stator and rotor blades

  7. An engine operates on the reversible cycle as shown in the figure. The work output from the engine (in kJ/cycle) is decimal places) (correct to two 650. (kPa) 400 2.3 V (m')

  8. NorK Output IS area undet the cuuv ur det the curve 2. w G2.5 KTI le. cy o

  9. A vehicle powered by a spark ignition engine follows air standard Otto cycle (y-1.4). The engine generates 70 kW while consuming 10.3 kg/hr of fuel. The calorific value of fuel is 44,000 kJ/kg. The compression ratio is to two decimal places) S(correct

  10. Efficiencq af o to cq cle is Work rut 10:3 x40oo 3G00 net Y-I O. O.H F2S

  11. pis-ton The pistonStoet to move when pressure On bolh Ss s equal des 100 + 25x10x103 : pait O o

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