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GATE 2016 all Thermodynamic questions solution of afternoon slot Set 2
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In this lesson we will discuss GATE 2016 all Thermodynamic questions solution of afternoon slot (Set 2)

RUTUJA Bothara
Strengthen GATE /PSU/ESE/SSC JE/RRB JE /campus Placements preparation. A passionate mechanical engineer -VIT University

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  1. GATE Previous years Thermodynamics questions GATE 2016 Thermodynamics solved questions set 2 By Rutuja Bothara

  2. RUTUJA BOTHARA Perusing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. (2015-2019) . Cleared JEE Mains 2015 . Cleared VITEEE-2015 with AIR 8718 . Cracked HITSEEE-2015 with AIR 91 Worked as a Career Counsellor in Teachers Academy (2016-2018) and BOLO app 9511

  3. -The internal energy of an ideal gas is a function of A. temperature and pressure B. volume and pressure C. entropy and pressure D. temperature only

  4. Ihtethal ehery for ideal gas depehds on only tempetature, whereas ah real Jas depends on both pressure and tempe tute.

  5. Consider a simple gas turbine (Brayton) cycle and a gas turbine cycle with perfect regeneration. In both the cycles, the pressure ratio is 6 and the ratio of the specific heats of the working medium is 1.4. The ratio of minimum to maximum temperatures is 0.3 (with temperatures expressed in K) in the regenerative cycle. The ratio of the thermal efficiency of the simple cycle to that of the regenerative cycle is A. 0.7022 B. 0.8021 C. 0.6521 D. 0.5321

  6. O.8

  7. Ideal regenerative Brayton cycle efficiencj is mi h 0.4 o.499 O-400 6 Hence, +ha ratio is = 2s o 4 99

  8. A piston-cylinder device initially contains 0.4 m3 of air (to be treated as an ideal gas) at 100 kPa and 80oC. The air is now isothermally compressed to 0.1 m3. The work done during this process is kJ. (Take the sign convention such that work done on the system is negative) A. -51.23 B. -55.45 C. 59.69 D. 63.74

  9. The work done in close system for iso thetmal process is Va. Vi

  10. A reversible cycle receives 40 kJ of heat from one heat source at a temperature of 127 C and 37 kJ from another heat source at 97 C. The heat rejected (in k]) to the heat sink at 47 C is A. 36 B. 49 C. 64 D. 81

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