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Adiabatic and polytropic process and important formulae. GATE previous year one mark questions.
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This lesson describes about isothermal and polytropic process ,also important formulae of these process and GATE previous years questions and approach to solve questions.

RUTUJA Bothara
Strengthen GATE /PSU/ESE/SSC JE/RRB JE /campus Placements preparation. A passionate mechanical engineer -VIT University

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At low pH Net charge on AA become Positive And at high it becomes negative
how 10sq.× 20....= 2.3 kw
RUTUJA Bothara
a year ago
actually resistance is 23 ohms. by mistake I took it 20.
a year ago
yes yes....I understood that mistake.....
work done by system he +2.3 aayega
RUTUJA Bothara
a year ago
work is not done by system. we are providing external work to the system. hence it is negative
  1. GATE Previous years Thermodynamics questions Important Thermodynamic Processes and questions By Rutuja Bothara

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  3. Reversible Adia batic Process Pi WorK done in closed systern 'Pm work done in open systern " 3) Enthaupy chanae mcv (T2-T) eth a/ erurgy change Heat +rang fet a chane in entrop o * is also ah 'Sentro pic Process

  4. Reversible Polytropic Work done in else system - worn done in oren SyeP n-I (T) R h-1 h-1 Enthalpy change +) Inte nal energy change Heat+ans fet c chane in entropy

  5. <9 . The contehts of a elinsulated tank ahe Acuurrent is flowing Considue haton k along coith its contents asce -the modyna-mi, C em. Tha ork dohe by the system and th haat tr cLhs fee to the System ane Positve. The rates of heat work (w) d chan ( w) a hKWahe 2.3 go,

  6. Solutio W electric zR IoX 20--23 kw (oh system Now :0 (insulated)

  7. e at ahd ork are b) extens ive p ropetties dPat Funeh ons Poin fancions If a closed syste s undet goin9 aun a must I h crea se dayS rerm ains Const and c) mu t decreate dle c rease, remain constant re d Can nc reage,

  8. one k'logram of a te at room temperature s bough+ into contact of high-tem Peratare thatmal reaervoir. thatmal reser voir . The entropy change of hahg e o-4 entropy universe 1S a equa to entropy change of th eserv oit eua to ehttopy change. of atee e equal to zeto. alays fositive

  9. A Frictonles Piston cylindet device comtains OLs iniiallg + expands 9uaS-Statically at Cons duting this 8 20 c 3.31 12 o

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