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GATE 2017 all solved questions of Thermodynamics afternoon slot.
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In this lesson we will solve all the questions of Thermodynamics GATE 2017 afternoon slot.

RUTUJA Bothara
Strengthen GATE /PSU/ESE/SSC JE/RRB JE /campus Placements preparation. A passionate mechanical engineer -VIT University

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  1. GATE Previous years Thermodynamics questions GATE 2017 Thermodynamics solved questions set 2 By Rutuja Bothara

  2. RUTUJA BOTHARA Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. (2015-2019) Cleared JEE Mains 2015 . Perusing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from . Cleared VITEEE-2015 with AIR 8718 . Cracked HITSEEE-2015 with AIR 91 . Worked as a Career Counsellor in Teachers Academy (2016-2018) and BOLO app b96-9511

  3. A mass m of a perfect gas at pressure pl and volume V1 undergoes an isothermal process. The final pressure is p2 and volume is V2. The work done on the system is considered positive. If R is the gas constant and T is the temperature, then the work done in the process is P2 V, Pi

  4. Isotheemal Work is giuen by , For Sothet mal process PV_c VI V2 Ih

  5. The volume and temperature of air (assumed to be an ideal gas) in a closed vessel is 2.87 m3and 300K, respectively. The gauge pressure indicated by a manometer fitted to the wall of the vessel is 0.5bar. If the gas constant of air is R 287 J/kg. K and the atmospheric pressure is 1bar, the mass of air (in kg) in the vessel is (A) 1.67 (B) 3.33 (C) 5.00 (D) 6.66

  6. Using , ideal gas equation 150 x 2 . 87 mx0:287 x 300 m = 5.0 Kg

  7. In the Rankine cycle for a steam power plant the turbine entry and exit enthalpies are 2803 k]/kg and 1800 k]/kg, respectively. The enthalpies of water at pump entry and exit are 121 k]/kg and 124 kJ/kg, respectively. The specific steam consumption (in kg/k W.h) of the cycle is A. 36 B. 3.6 C. 0.36 D. 0.036

  8. Wr = ht-hs = 28 03-1800 WP = h2-hi 124-121

  9. Whet 00 3-3 Spe cific ste am consumption is 36oo/wnet

  10. A calorically perfect gas (specific heat at constant pressure 1000 J/kg.K) enters and leaves a gas turbine with the same velocity. The temperatures of the gas at turbine entry and exit are 1100 K and 400 K, respectively. The power produced is 4.6 MW and heat escapes at the rate of 300 kjis through the turbine casing. The mass flow rate of the gas (in kg/s) through the turbine is A. 6.14 B. 7.00 C. 7.50 D. 8.00

  11. -One kg of an ideal gas (gas constant R 287 J/kg.K) undergoes an irreversible process from state-1 (1 bar,300 K) to state-2 (2 bar, 300 K). The change in specific entropy (sl-s2) of the gas (in J/kg.K) in the process is A. -198.93 J/kg.K B. -175.90 J/kg.K C. -210.00 J/kg.K D. -140.00 J/kg.K

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