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Fill in the blanks(Part-7)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, CDS, NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY, CAT,CLAT etc.

Ashish Sir English
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all videos very very nice
Lalit Kumar
3 months ago
Thank you sir
It is very helpful Sir thanks u..
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part 7 1. The hawkers are selling their in the streets. (1) wire (3) warn (2) wares (4) wear 2. Children often quarrel...... petty issue (1) with (3) over (2) on (4) for 3. We threw out some old furniture so that the new televisiorn (1) has (3) had (2) have (4) will have

  2. 4. After she died he had nothing to live (1) for (3) through (2) at (4) from 5. We in hope that things will improve eventually (1) live (3) stay (2) bring (4) survive 6. We should pass a vote of (1) senses (3) census (2) censure (4) survive

  3. 7. If you say to someone "You're so full of yourself" they'll probably feel (1) pleased (3) proud (2) calm (4) upset 8. Bob and Jane decided to tie the knot because (1) they needed to save money (2) they wanted to make a long rope (3) it had come undone (4) they loved on another