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Fill in the blanks(Part-6)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, NDA, CDS, AIRFORCE, NAVY, CAT, CLAT etc.

Ashish Sir English
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thanks sir....m ish lesson ko second time study kr rahi hu .. sare bones mujhe acche s clear ho gaya h thanku so much sir ye sab apke wajah se hua h
the brave ko plural consider nhi Kiya?
Great job sir.. Thank u
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part -6 1. Only the brave deserves the (1) fare (3) flair (2) flare (4) fair 2. You cannot lose what you had (1) once (3) never (2) always (4) have 3. We should go doing more good than harm. (1) on (3) about (2) above (4) to

  2. 4. When we got home last evening, we found that the guest..... (1) have arrived (3) is arriving (2) has arriving (4) had arrived 5. Neo-colonialism is... lism is that persists even after the demise per of the formal colonization all over the so called Third World. (1) a monster (3) a satarn (2) a devil (4) an imp 6. The manager began to doubt the of his assistant. (1) credits (3) credentials (2) credit (4) chances

  3. 7. You should.. the opportunit (1) cease (3) sense (2) seize (4) size 8. We must. ourselves to changing circumstances. (1) adopt (3) adapt (2) adept (4) accept 9. You should start... you are likely to miss the train (1) indeed (3) if fact (2) otherwise (4) consequently