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Fill in The Blanks - 5 (in Hindi)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, CDS, AIRFORCE, NDA, NAVY etc.

Ashish Sir English
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Unacademy user
sir in last ques how did we take intial vol 25 ????
a year ago
because the final ratio sum is 25. actually u can consider just as 8/25 on the LHS. similar to 5/8 on rhs
can and able dono capability show karte hai, ye bhi ek reason ho sakta was so choose Karne ka
sir please make video on double fillers for bank po thanx in advance
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thank you sir aap ki video se me bahut Kuch new Sikh rahi hu
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part -5 able to walk. 1. The starving ma (1) can barely (3) are barely (2) were barely (4) was barely 2. The new railway counter at Dwarka should all travellers. (1) benefit (3) reserve (2) reward (4) provide 3. My younger brother my grandfather. (1) looks on (3) looks to (2) looks after (4) looks of

  2. 4. Are you (1) interested by (3) interested at (2) interested in (4) interested about 5. Your report.... my statement. (1) conforms (3) confirms (2) conforming (4) comforting get the job (1) however (3) whereas (2) whatsoever (4) whatever

  3. in autumn. (1) fall down (3) fall on (2) fall of (4) fall off 8. Each time he tried to climb the tree, he failed to do (1) thus (3) so (2) then (4) this 9. The man was his deafness. (1) rewarded for (3) convicted by (2) cured of (4) saved at