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Fill in the blanks(Part-10)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, CDS, AIRFORCE, NAVY, NDA, CAT, CLAT etc.

Ashish Sir English
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Thanks a lot sir & a great efforts. it will definitely usefull. Respect from core of heart. gbu..
sir aur series banaiye
Sir Your lession very Nice for Poor students and the students who can not reach coaching plz sir provide Conjugation , adverbs, adjective Thanks sir
Thanks u very much Sir for ur nice effort..
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part 10 1. Only patience and fortitude carried him the crisis. (1) over (3) out (2) about (4) through 2. Octopuses are mostly shy andharmless to human beings (1) generally (3) completely (2) mainly (4) rarely 3. A legislation was passed to punish brokers who....... their clients' funds. (1) devour (3) defalcate (2) embezzle (4) devastate

  2. 4. He fell down a flight of stairs and broke rib (1) the (3) up (2) his (4) a 5. The doctors and the nurses worked hard to..... the dying man (1) bring out (3) bring round (2) bring back (4) bring up 6. They tried to bribe the peon but he them. (1) was too clever for (3) was clever for (2) was being clever for (4) has been too clever for

  3. 7. If strict security measures were taken, the tragedy might have been (1) removed (3) restrained (2) controlled (4) averted 8. The deceased left..... him two young children (1) with (3) behind (2) by (4) for