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Fill in The Blanks - 2 (in Hindi)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, CDS, AIRFORCE, NDA, NAVY etc.

Ashish Sir English
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Unacademy user
Good information.....Mam are you not going to post this anymore??
Sonal Saxena
a year ago
I am going to do it regularly. I'm sorry for the delay..was down with viral.
born to rich parents (can you explain why is not the correct option ir ..?
i want fill in the blank in english lecture pls sir
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part 2) 1. The specialist you want to meet is available only on Thursday. (1) which (3) whose (2) whom (4) who 2. The slum children. round a burning fire to keep themselves warm (1) grouped (3) tucked (2) huddled (4) elbowed

  2. 3. Polyester shirts are more than the cotton ones. (1) durably (3) durability (2) duration (4) durable s born.ich parents. (1) of (3) with (2) from (4) to 5. Children should obey (1) they (3) mine parents. (2) their (4) them

  3. 6. The child has been missing...... yesterday. (1) for (3) to (2) by (4) since 7. I do not like .sugar in my coffee (1) many (3) few (2) much (4) fewer 8. The Board results are. any (1) expected (3) compiled (2) launched (4) tabulated