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Fill in The Blanks - 4 (in Hindi)
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Fill in the blanks for SSC, BANK, CDS, NDA, NAVY, AIRFORCE etc.

Ashish Sir English
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Unacademy user
Thanks sir, sir I want to start ese preparation from beginning so I am totally focused prelims or mains .
Gaurav Joshi
10 months ago
If you are about to start preparation, focus on both prelims and Mains while learning the subject. But while practicing problems do more problems from prelims point of view.
  1. FILL IN THE BLANKS (Part - 4 1. Light is .t than sound. (1) faster (3) sounder (2) more faster (4) lighter 2. The man.... for the purpose never did what was expected of him. (1) supplied (3) employed (2) favoured (4) cited between the two brothers. (2) alteration (4) alliteration 3. There was a serious (1) altercation (3) aberration

  2. 4. The ship with its crew.... gone to the bottom of the sea (1) has (3) are (2) have (4) None of these 5. The peon respectfully asked it he..... go there (1) may (3) can (2) might (4) will 6. I know certain that he has gone to England (1) with (3) by (2) of (4) for

  3. 7. Mandarin Chinese is spoken bypeople (1) little (3) many (2) few (4) big 8. A person who is good at foreign languages is known as (1) VirtuosO (3) Ventriloquist (2) Linguist (4) Scholar are regional variations of a language (1) Englislh (3) Home language (2) Mandarin Chinese (4) Dialects