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Expected Questions series Thermodynamics Part-8
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Question based on Bullet collision

Deep Sangeet Maity is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deep Sangeet Maity
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Plzz aese hi aur ek series Bana do availability , unavailability and irreversibility ke uper
abhi thermodynamics me hi bahut Questions add krngaaa isi course me.... and Availability alag se course banaungaa
  1. Thermodynamics (Question series) Lesson-8 GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. Question: A lead bullet at 100 C traveling at 500 m/s, strikes a target and adiabatically comes to rest. If the specific heat of lead is 92 J/kg oC, melting temperature is 327.5 C and heat of fusion is 108 kJ/kg, the percentage mass of lead in the bullet that is melted by collision is

  4. ni Holu the lead buu .lnK odiabati there wo be heat trafor shile reat nteracim wil be Hhene Sensible lead b heat toheat of the to 323,s*

  5. lead bullet 2 2- OY = mx 92-(600.5-373

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