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Expected Questions series Thermodynamics Part-2
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Question based on 1st Law of Thermodynamics and Tds relationship with co-ordinate system

Deep Sangeet Maity is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deep Sangeet Maity
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world handwashing day 15 october
very well explained
Deep Sangeet Maity
2 months ago
Thank you
sir your questions and solution explanation is very adorable!
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
Read the Question carefully
Deep Sangeet Maity
10 months ago
Kya likha hai usme
  1. Thermodynamics (Question series) Lesson-2 GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. Question: Air pressure inside a spherical balloon is proportional to its diameter. The balloon undergoes a reversible, isothermal, non-flow process. During the process, the balloon maintains its spherical shape, and the air inside the balloon consumes 2 kJ of heat. Initial air pressure inside the balloon was 120 kPa, while the initial balloon diameter was 20 cm. Assuming air to be an ideal gas, the final diameter of the balloon (in cm) is__

  4. Aen Prersune Diameter 0.2

  5. Nov 3 6 So 6 2

  6. sr law t.nwodmanic 2 0.002.122- or o-2n 0.2- 4=0.0

  7. Question: On a In pvsh coordinate system, where In p is the y-coordinate and h is the x coordinate, the slope of a constant entropy line is (B) v (C) plv

  8. s=0. d h d h al h

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