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Expected Questions series Thermodynamics Part-7
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Question based on Mass leakage

Deep Sangeet Maity is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deep Sangeet Maity
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Unacademy user
nice series of questions sir. very useful for quick revision. plz start similar series for each subject .
Yes surely will do that..
  1. Thermodynamics (Question series) Lesson-7 GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

  2. About ME Working as a Design engineer at "Cameron Manufacturing India Limited (A Schlumberger Company)". .Currently working as "GATE content editor and developer"at "Kreatryx" .Qualified GATE "3" times .Qualified "Gate 2018 with 99.4 percentile 779(75.26 marks) gate score" in mechanical stream .Qualified "Gate 2017 with 98.83 percentile 726(70 marks) gate score" irn mechanical stream I also have an 2+ years of experience of teaching Engineering subjects like Engineering mechanies, Thermodynamies, SOM, HMIT Ex-CADD Engineer at "CADD CENTRE". Passed B.E. with honours with 76.71%. I am pursuing my MTech in Thermal I have an 2.5+ years of experience as a CADD Engineer. . . also have worked for "CAD ACADEMY" as a Design engineer for 1 year.

  3. Question: Volumetric analysis of a hydrocarbon combustion product shows 8% CO2, l 5% H2O (vapor), 5.5% 02 and 71.5% N2. The combustion product flows steadily through a heat exchanger at 200 kPa pressure. Assume each component in the mixture to be an ideal gas. In order to avoid the condensation of H2O in the heat exchanger, the minimum allowable temperature (in C) is Saturated H2O Table: P (kPa)10 203040 50 T(C) 45.83 60.09 69.1275.82 81.35

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  5. Question: A rigid vessel of volume 10 m3 is filled with hydrogen at 25 C and 500 kPa. Due to leakage, some gas has escaped from the vessel until the pressure in the vessel drops down to 200 kPa, and the corresponding temperature of the gas inside the vessel is found to be 15 C. The amount of gas leaked (in kg) from the vessel is

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  9. Rate Review Recommend follow