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Expected Questions series Thermodynamics Part-5
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Question based on Entropy

Deep Sangeet Maity

Unacademy user
Since we r no 1 in pulses but y we need to purchase from different countries
Prasun Basu
a month ago
According to the FAO of the united nations,India is the number one producer and consumer of the pulses in the world and amounts to about 25 percents of the worlds production.But still the price of pulses keeps crashing which severely affects the farmer and the farming industry.Reasons behind these can be enumerated as a domestic average production of india about 22 MMT while consumption was about 29MMT from 2011-12 to 2016-17,so we have to import about 6MMT of pulses from outside b the price of the imported pulses being lesser than the MSP provided to the farmers result in the prices being vary c there has been trends of people shifting from vegetables to dairy and meat products for their daily protein requirement
Rishi Jat
a month ago
u may b true but certain memorandum r signed as international treaty so we also to be bound to import as i have read afterwards thanks for giving precious reply
  1. Thermodynamics (Question series) Lesson-5 GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. Question A 40 kg metal block (Cp 0.5 kJ/(kg.K)) at T 450 C is quenched in 150 kg oil (Cp 2.5 kJ/(kg. K)) at T- 25 C. If the combined (metal block and oil) system is fully isolated from its surroundings, then the net change in the entropy (in kJ/K) of the combined system is

  4. Stom-1) T-25 C-298 K. s togeter of the

  5. 23 298 298 2 -6.33 km 2 decreaes)

  6. ASunvense as ked in the question Sue Atenas 9.8 ASsumeundingbe canse the combined syskem is thene sn be an intena ction wiHe

  7. Question: The isothermal compressibility of a liquid is 5 106 /kPa. If it is compressed at constant temperature from 5000 to 10000kPa, what is the ratio of final volume to initial volume, to second decimal place accuracy?

  8. Ico hornal compress k Pa e Pa Sxlo-6 2 2 A V

  9. V. = 0.975

  10. Rate Review Recommend follow