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Expected Questions series Thermodynamics Part-4
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Question based on Thermodynamics relations

Deep Sangeet Maity

Unacademy user
Hello sir I solve this question by method written below.. please let me know if I am doing right.. 25 32 48 82 x 32-25=7 48-32=16 82-48=34 7 16 34 I have taken it as (7+1)*2= 16 (16+1)*2=34 and (34+1)*2=70 so value of x = 82+70 i.e. 152
Why we treated vfg as volume
Deep Sangeet Maity
3 months ago
Becoz it is a phase change
sir a condition is given that ∆Q/T =0 and ∆S greater than 0 and in options​ it is given that is it reversible adiabatic or irreversible adiabatic
Deep Sangeet Maity
6 months ago
it's a contradictory Question.... is there any other options?
Deep Sangeet Maity
6 months ago
see if ∆S(system or surrounding)>0 and ∆Q/T=0 then it may or may not be reversible.... if Q is zero then it is a adiabatic process.... if ∆s(universe)>0 then it is irreversible...
  1. Thermodynamics (Question series) Lesson-4 GATE Presented by Deep sangeet Maity

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  3. The vapour pressure of liquid ammonia (in atmosphere) in the vicinity of the triple point can be expressed as 3063-15.16 where temperature T is expressed in K In a similar manner, the vapour pressure of solid ammonia can be expressed as In p +--=18.7 Take the molecular mass of ammonia to be 17 kg/kmol Q.1 The temperature and pressure at the triple point are (B) 295.2 K, 0.59 atm (D) 195.2 K, 0.59 atm (A) 295.2 K, 0.69 atm (C) 195.2 K, 0.69 atm The latent heat of vapourization is (A) 1298 kJ/kg Q.2 (B) 1398 kJ/kg (C) 1498 kJ/kg (D) 1698 kJ/kg

  4. napon treasure of iquid am moma(in ahwp ammoan Imp +2759 = 17.0 A+ triple po =>IS. 16-2063 13-7-37S4 = 3754-3063-18.7-15, '

  5. Tempenaturnan also poin+ et tiple of otid & id ammonia 30 63 375 1 37 S -1 Lia . ammorm 3o 6 3

  6. 04 .in p +3063 15. K -3063 0. cl

  7. 3063P 30 63PT -h 3063 8.315 #3-149 8 k 31 P . er 63

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