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Evaluation of Performance of League of Nations:part 5 (in Hindi)
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Navneet Kaur
Educator since August 2017, M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar, GNDU, Amritsar, University merit scholar, Top Educator 2017.

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  1. WORLD HISTORY: League of Nations Presented by: Navneet Kaur rba

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  3. Failures / Causes of Ineffectiveness of the League of Nations . following was the impact of the Economic Crisis of 1929 on world politics: i. The right wing governments, especially the Fascist regimes in Japan, Italy and Germany took benefit of the World Economic Crisis as they knew that due to economic concerns the important League members like Britain and France would not act. ii. Britain, France and USA were following a policy of appeasement towards the Fascist regimes to prevent war. This was to prove disastrous and was the major reason for Fascist regimes becoming gradually powerful enough to challenge the world peace.

  4. iii. Also, it is clear that every nation, including the proponents of the League, were concerned with their own economic interests Be it the US Policy of Isolation or the British abandonment of the Geneva Protocol, the major powers did not want a responsibility that would not bring any direct territorial or economic gains. Even Britain and France, who were at the helm of the affairs of the League, did not act when they did not find support of other important economic and military powers like USA, USSR etc. The national economic concerns and political benefits became more important than the world peace.