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Evaluation of Performance of League of Nations:part 3 (in Hindi)
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Navneet Kaur
Educator since August 2017, M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar, GNDU, Amritsar, University merit scholar, Top Educator 2017.

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Ma'am please upload part 2
  1. WORLD HISTORY: League of Nations Presented by: Navneet Kaur B ar ThR

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  3. Failures / Causes of Ineffectiveness of the League of Nations 1) An Allies Organization: League of Nations came to be viewed as an organization of the Allied Powers especially of France and Britain, setup for implementation of unjust peace treaties, which failed to satisfy all nations. a) Turkey and Italy were both dissatisfied with the peace treaties. . While Turkey was aggrieved at territories it considered as inalienable being handed over to Greece, Italy was dissatisfied for not getting the territorial gains it was promised in 1915 in lieu of entering the war in favor of the Allies. b) The Peace treaties signed were against principle of Self Determination. o For instance, millions of Germans, after the peace treaties, resided outside Germany in Czechoslovakia and Poland. e Similarly, many Turks were now residents of Greece.

  4. 2) Conference of Ambassadors: This body was setup as a temporary body to resolve disputes regarding peace treaties until the League of Nations was setup and made fully functional But, it continued to exist even after the formation of the League. This hurt the legitimacy and the authority of the League of Nations. At times, the Conference of Ambassadors overruled the League's decisions, for example, in case of the Corfu incident (1923) involving Mussolini's Italy and Greece.

  5. 3) Failure of Disarmament: It was only Germany, which was .The League failed to convince other major powers to disarm. Britain When the World Disarmament Conference was held in 1932-33, made to disarm under the Treatv of Versailles and France did not want self disarmament. Hitler demanded equality of armament with France. But, France refused as it feared that Germany would become an equal military power and soon emerge as a threat to its frontiers. Hitler used this as an excuse to quit the World Disarmament Conference . Soon, he would denounce the League of Nations and make Germany quit it as well.