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Comparison & Similarities of UN & LON(in Hindi)
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Navneet Kaur
Educator since August 2017, M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar, GNDU, Amritsar, University merit scholar, Top Educator 2017.

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Guys, checkout this course on multilateral groupings and their relation with India
  1. WORLD HISTORY: League of Nations Presented by: Navneet Kaur ria

  2. About Me: Verified &Star Educator @Unacademy . Summary of Ancient Indian history M.phil(CS) from LPU, Jalandhar from GNDU, Amritsar by RS Sharma : part 1,2,3 Summary of Class 11 Ncert: Fine University merit scholar UPSC Aspirant Interests: Readin Books,Music,Cooking Follow me: Arts by Nitin Singhania Satish Chandra : part 1,2,3 Bipan Chandra : Part 1,2,3,4 e Summary of Indian Art & Culture Summary of Medieval India by Sipam ah ntdxadgarlndhy aur Post Independence History . Rate,Review,Recommend and Share e World History for UPSC . Courses on PSIR

  3. Comparison of UN with the League of Nations UN has been more successful because of more time and money being devoted to Economic and Social development work. Also, the scope of UN is much wider in the domain of socio-economic development than LoN. All specialized agencies of UN, except ILO, were setup after 1945. . . UN is more focused on Good Governance. Tioe Mtllenliut De felomunletet (aondsWorksiththe member-nations for achievement of developmental targets UN has been able to take decisive action due to change in procedures as UNGA does not need unanimous vote. Also, UNSC veto can be overruled by UNGA as per the Uniting for Peace Resolution of 1950 (during Korean War (1950) - USSR was boycotting the UNSC due to non-admission of Communist China. Some analysts argued that abstention meant vetoing the resolution. Thus, UNGA was consulted and it passed this clause that allowed veto to be overruled and thus UN could intervene in the Korean war) . . The resolution stated that "in any cases where the Security Council, because of a lack of unanimity amongst 0 its five permanent members, fails to act as required to maintain international peace and security, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately and may issue any r commendations it deems necessary in order to restore international peace and security." 2

  4. e Also there is much greater prestige of the UN Secretary General as compared to its LoN counterpart Kofi Annan (1997-2006) became very famous for his conflict resolution ability Even if UN has not been able to prevent wars, it has been able to bring them to a quick end by mediating a ceasefire on different occasions. UN is more important in the era of Global Governance and as the world has become more integrated due to Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization and issues of global concern like environment and safety of other Global Commons,

  5. Similarities between UN and LoN e Common aim of World peace and Socio-Economic development. . Veto powers of a member in Security Council e Lack of permanent army of their own and thus dependence on members for contribution of troops Common weaknesses: Criticism of being a tool of super powers .Pro-West v . Being subservient to powerful individual nations .Financial dependency on US and Europe: UN is mainly dependent on US funding while LoN was dependent on Britain and France