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Error Detection Questions- 9 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the important error detection questions

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

Unacademy user
very helpful mam thanks
nazar andaaaz hogaya, warna answer baraabar pata tha that's because in long sentences we forget minute errors
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
Never mind.. through this course you'll learn how to catch errors in big sentences
Sajad Hussain
a year ago
thank you so much. stay blessed
no worries maam, just take care of yourself.. you are bringing videos that's only enough for us.. it's really helping do continue this video . .get well soon
thank you ma'am :) ma'am in slide no. 17 can we use 'over' in place of 'above' ?
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
no..about would be used..
Jatin Raj Singh
a year ago
okay :)
in slide no 17 shouldn't the be placed before houses?
in slide no 17 shouldn't the be placed before houses?

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  3. SESSION 9

  4. 1) School children, who so far / 2) have had rationed access to / 3) the few playgrounds orn the city must be / 4) happy by the recent move. 5) No error. 14

  5. 3; Replace " on" with "in" 15

  6. The Opposition disrupted proceedings / in both Houses of Parliament for the second consecutive day / above the plight of farmers in the country. No Error 17

  7. 4; Replace " above" with " about" 18

  8. The tennis player easy through/ the opening set before her opponent / railed to take the final two sets/ for the biggest victory of her young career. No Error 19

  9. 0 1; Replace " easy " (adj) with " eased " (v) 20

  10. Not only has the commerce ministry fixed / extraordinarily high minimum prices for onion exports / but also made licences mandatory/ for every consignment. / No Error 21

  11. The recent election campaign / has been one of / the most noisiest campaigns / in the last decade. / No error 23

  12. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at my facebook page KNOWLEDGE GALORE WITH SAKSHI PAHWA 49