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Error Detection Questions-2 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the important error detection questions

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

Unacademy user
Good work Charu .. 👍🏻
Thank you ma'am :) Ma'am in question no. 6, It should be "drop in the mortality rate 'of' this disease.. correct me if m wrong.
Shobha bhati
a year ago
same doubt
Komal Kashyap
5 months ago
Yes it should be...coz rate always followed by 'of ' prep.
thank you very much ma'am 🙆
SUGGESTION:-. mam please repeat all question in one minute at last part of every Video so that we recall.....
Mam in Q no 6 Why don't you use an early ? as early is a vowel moreover it's aaaa pronunciation

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  3. SESSION 2

  4. 6. The argument assumes that 1)/early detection of the disease 2)/will lead to an immediate drop in 3)/ the mortality rating from this disease. 4)/ No error 5)

  5. 6. 4; Replace rating' with 'rate 6

  6. 7. The two most important numbers 1)/ which the mandarins of an 2)/ economy have to watch 3)/ are inflation and unemployment. 4)/ No error 5) 7

  7. 7. 5 8

  8. 8.Wintnessed the young soldier's ability 1)/ to repeatedly hit bull's eye at 2)/ arms training, instructors pushed him 3)/ to participate in the Army marksmanship competition. 4)/ No error 5) 9

  9. 8. 1; Replace ' witnessed' with ' having witnessed' 10

  10. 9. It is all well known that 1)/ women are generally in favour of 2)/ light topics like jokes and expressions 3)/ that causing laughter all around. 4)/ No error 5).

  11. 10. The evening breeze!)/ won't carrying the poetry 2)/ of peace beyond 3)/ the school building . 4)/ No error 5) 13

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