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Error Detection Questions-11 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the important error detection questions

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

Unacademy user
mem in last sentence... we also use 'the' article before superlative degree most...right???
ok mem ..just saw your reply ..
Thank you ma'am :) ma'am in the last question, shouldn't it be : "one of 'the' most successful" ??
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
yes you are right..I think I have missed writing it..good observation.. keep it up
Jatin Raj Singh
a year ago
😊 learning from you
Masha Allah mam, you are just awesome in teaching. Stay Blessed!!
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
Thanks Sajad :)
Sajad Hussain
a year ago
any time. may respect for teachers is beyond words
Please make this type of series for other topics too. Thank you so much ma'am.

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  3. SESSION 11

  4. She was taken with surprise 1)/ when she was announced 2)/ the winner of the 3)/ national level competition. 4)/ No error 5) 39

  5. 1, replace with - by 40

  6. Though the book is not yet available on India, 1)/ reviews published in this country suggest 2)/ that it is a complex study of 3)/ an extremely complex personality . 4)/ No error 5) 41

  7. 1; Replace " on " with "in" 42

  8. Conventionally speaking, 1)/ men are supposed to earn while 2)/ women are supposed to sit at home, 3)/ do housework and bringing up the children . 4)/ No error 5). 43

  9. 4; Replace " bringing" with " bring"

  10. The movement, which aims to 1)/ raise awareness about climate change, hopes 2)/ to bring people together to think about 3)/ what they can do for reduce harmful pollution. 4)/ No error 5) 45

  11. This is turned out to be one of most successful projects / and we have made quite / a large profit from it / No error 47

  12. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at my facebook page KNOWLEDGE GALORE WITH SAKSHI PAHWA 49