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Error Detection Questions- 8 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the important error detection questions

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

Unacademy user
nice need to speak all answer is redundant.....speak only correct with little more explanation.......n thaku sir for such a precious step..
With a view to avoid is grammatically correct.
Sakshi Pahwa
10 months ago
with a view to takes ing form of verb

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  3. SESSION 8

  4. The company's decision to issue / bonus shares clearly indicates / the management confident / about the future./ No Error

  5. 3; Replace " Confident "with " Confidence"

  6. As the prison will get / an official telephone facility soon, the prisoners/won't have to make calls in discreet manner/ through smuggled mobile phones ./ No error

  7. 3; Put 'a' before 'discreet' 7

  8. Many people believe that / the nationalization of banks in / the 1960s have protected India/ from the current financial crisis. No Error 8

  9. 3; Replace " have " with " has " as it is used for nationalization of banks ',which is singular 9

  10. With a view to avoid another caste conflict, / the administration has deployed additional police force / on the village, while the administration as well as police officials / are monitoring the situation. No Error 10

  11. The perception of others 1)/ particularly family members 2)/ changed when he 3)/ qualified on a government job. 4)/ No error 5). 12