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Error Detection Questions-6 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson Sakshi explains the important error detection questions

Sakshi Pahwa is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Sakshi Pahwa
Qualified IBPS PO, Category Expert at Unacademy, 4 years of Experience in developing content for Competitive Exams, an MBA in Marketing and

Unacademy user
As usual Bro, awesome
Arjun Kr
2 years ago
thanks for following the course everyday Raghunath, hope it's helping you in your preparation :)
2 years ago
Definitely Bro, it's really helping, it's like revision, pls continue.
thank you so much for all your hard work 😊😊😊
in the 3rd question,it should be- further trials have or further trial has ....right?
thank You so much Sakshi. You explain things nicely. Are there more topics by you for English language.
Sakshi Pahwa
a year ago
Yes Sajad, i have made courses on all topics with their strategies such as for RC, Parajumbles, Sentence Connectors, Fillers , Cloze test will find all courses under my profile
Sajad Hussain
a year ago
thank you so much. stay blessed
Thank you for your endeavor for us. I have doubt regarding "further trial have./added" should it be trials??
thank You so much Sakshi. You explain things nicely. Are there more topics by you for English language.

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  4. When deep sea diving / one should always take care / that oxygen cylinder is tied to the baclk tightly. No error.

  5. 1; Substitute when diving into deep sea

  6. The company is in debt/and has been unable / to pay their employees salaries for the past six months/ No error

  7. 3; Substitute its 7

  8. Further trial have/ added weight on these /findings and an/expert panel concluded/ No error 8

  9. 2; Substitute to for on

  10. If you decide to straighten out a lot of things in your life all at once, it is probable that you wil achieve nothing. No error. 10

  11. Under the terms of the new deal / the channel can broadcast the next cricket Tournament to be / played among India and Australia. No error 12

  12. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at my facebook page KNOWLEDGE GALORE WITH SAKSHI PAHWA 24