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Environment Questions (2007-2017) : 5 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have described about the questions which is asked in last ten years

Sudhir Jonwal
education:- B.TECH (civil)

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Sir geography first grade ke lia padao
  1. Environment - (2007- 2017) BY:- SUDHIR JONWAL

  2. About me:- . Sudhir jonwal .Jaipur rajasthan B. Tech in civil from swami keashwanand Institute of technology management and gramothan jaipur Follow me:- https:I/ al

  3. Target audience Ssc-je Other state je Rrb -je

  4. Afundamental difference between sedimen tank for water and sewage is (a) Sewage sedimentation tanks are bigger (b) Sewage sedimentation tanks have more 59. depth (c) Sludge from sewage sedimentation is to be removed more frequently (d) It can be the final treatment of operation in water treatment [SSC-JE (Forenoon) 3-3-2017] The appropriate percentage of water in sewage is (a) 90% (c) 99.90% 60. (b) 99% (d) 99.99% [SSC - JE (Afternoon) 3-3- 2017

  5. 61. The minimum width of a septic tank is taken (a) 70 cm (c) 80 cm (b) 75 cm (d) 90 cm [SSC JE (Forenoon) 4-3-2017] The detention period in a septic tank is assumed to be (a) 20 minutes (c) 30 minutes 62. (b) 25 minutes (d) 40 minutes ISSC JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2 63. Before discharging the foul sewage into rS, it is generally treated by (a) screening (c) oxidation (b) sedimentation (d) all options are correct (ssc - JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2011

  6. The density of population over 40 hectares is 250/hectare. If water supply demand per day is 200 liters and sewage discharge is 80% of water supply, the sewage flow in sewers of separate system isS (a) 0.05552 cumec (b) 0.05554 cumec (c) 0.05556 cumec (d) 0.05558 cumec GA. ISSC JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2017]

  7. The global warming is caused mainly by (a) NO (c) CO2 (b) SO, (d) O2 [SSC JE (Forenoon) 2014] 66. Deposit gauges are provided with copper sulphate solution (a) to prevent the growth of bacteria (b) to prevent the growth of algae (c) to scare birds (d) to prevent the decomposition of SPM [SSC JE (Forenoon) 1-3-2017] 67. Greenhouse effect of CO2 is (a) permitting the outside solar radiation to reach the ground but preventing terrestrial radiation from the ground into the space (b) permitting the solar radiation of short length and reradiated terrestrial heat of long wave length c) reflecting the heat rays into the space thereby keeping the temperature of earth unaffected

  8. (d) causing absorption of heat from troposphere and thereby decreasing the temperature dof earth with increase in CO2, concentration [SSC JE (Forenoon) 1-3-2017] The device used for the easy separation of dry dust of 10 to 100 um size is (a) cyclone (b) gravity settling chamber (c) bag filter (d) scrubber 68. [SSC JE (Afternoon) 1-3-2017] The velocity of exit waste gases should be a minimum of down drought 69. of wind speed to prevent 2 2 2 (d) 3 2 2 [SSC JE (Afternoon) 1-3-2017]

  9. 70. Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) value in between 101-199 denotes the air quality as (a) good (c) unhealthy (b) moderate (d) hazardous [SSC JE (Forenoon) 2-3-2017] Which of the following are primary air pollutants? (a) Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen oxides (b) Ozone and Carbon monoxide (c) Sulphur dioxide and Ozone (d) Nitrogen oxide and Ozone 71. [SSC JE (Afternoon) 3-3-2017]