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Environment Questions (2007-2017) : 3 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have described about the questions which is asked in last ten years

Sudhir Jonwal
education:- B.TECH (civil)

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Mam good classes about reported speech.l love your class
Abhijaya Patil
a year ago
Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it :)
  1. Environment - (2007- 2017) BY:- SUDHIR JONWAL

  2. About me:- . Sudhir jonwal .Jaipur rajasthan B. Tech in civil from swami keashwanand Institute of technology management and gramothan jaipur Follow me:- https:I/ al

  3. Target audience Ssc-je Other state je Rrb -je

  4. A manhole is generally provided at e (a) Bend (b) Junction (c) Change of gradient (d) All the above 31. [SSC-JE: 2010] 32 The correct graphical representation of BODy and time (t) is given by

  5. 33. The standard 5-day BOD at 20 C, when compared to ultimate BOD is about (a) 60% (c) 80% (b) (d) 68% 90% [SSC JE (Forenoon) 2014] 34 BOD test is conducted at a temperature of (a) Ambient temperature (b) 15 C (c) 20 C (d) 27 C [SSC - JE (Afternoon) 2014 2014]

  6. 35. Connecting pipe in mm for septic tank shouldno be less than (a) 150 (c)'50 (b) 100 (d) 25 [SSC-JE 2015) 36. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following (a) Manholes are provided in sewer pipes at suitable intervals (b) Catch basins are generally provided in sewers for carrying drainage discharge (c) Inlets are generally provided in all sewers (d) None of the these ISSC JE (Afternoon) 2-3-20

  7. If q is the average sewage flow from a city of population P the maximum sewage flow (18+/P) (18 (c) Q-18+P) (15 + \P) [SSC - JE (Afternoon) 2-3-2017] Before entering a manhole a candle is lowered into the manhole (a) To illuminate it (b) To detect toxic gases (c) To give a signal to the adjacent manhole (d) To find out the presence of oxygen 38. [SSC-JE (Forenoon) 3-3-2017]

  8. e trap which is provided to disconnect the house drain from the street sewer is called (a) Master trap (b) Intercepting trap (c) Interception manhole (d) All options are correct 39 [SSC JE (Forenoon) 4-3-2017] 40. Anti-siphonage pipe is connected to_. (a) Main soil pipe (b) Bottom of P trap W.C. (c) Top of P trap W.C. (d) Side of water closet [SSC - JE (Forenoon) 4-3-2017]

  9. 41. The inspection pit or chamber is a manhole provided in a base drainage system (a) at every change of direction (b) at every change of gradient (c) at every 30 m intervals (d) all options are correct [SSC - JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2017] 4: 42. The value of C" of Indian type W.C. shown the figure given below is in

  10. (a) 400 mm (c) 500 mm (b) 450 mm (d) 550 mm [SSC - JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2017] The diameter of a domestic sewer pipe laid at gradient 1 in 100 is recommended (a) 100 mm (c) 200 mm 43. (b) 150 mm (d) 175 mm [SSC JE (Afternoon) 4-3-2017]