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Environment Questions (2007-2017) : 2 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have described about the questions which is asked in last ten years

Sudhir Jonwal
education:- B.TECH (civil)

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  1. Environment - (2007- 2017) BY:- SUDHIR JONWAL

  2. About me:- . Sudhir jonwal .Jaipur rajasthan B. Tech in civil from swami keashwanand Institute of technology management and gramothan jaipur Follow me:- https:I/ al

  3. Target audience Ssc-je Other state je Rrb -je

  4. 17, The % of chlorine infresh bleaching powder is about (a) 10 to 20 (c) 30 to 35 (b) 20 to 265 (d) 40 to 50 [SSC-JE 2009] 18. The maximum permissible limit for fluoride in drinking water is (a) 0.1 mg/l (c) 5 mgll (b) 1.5 mg/ (d) 10 mg/l [SSC-JE 2010] Air valves in a distribution system are provided at: (a) Dead ends in the water distribution system (b) Junction of main and branch pipes (c) Summit points on water mains (d) Places where the pressure is minimum 19. [SSC-JE : 2010]

  5. 20. Nitrates more than 45 mg/l in water lead to disease called: (a) Gastroenteritis (c) Polio (b) Mottled teeth (d) None of the above [SSC-JE : 2010] 21 Hardness of water is caused by the presence of the following in water: (a) Chlorides and sulphate (b) Calcium and magnesiunm (c) Nitrites and nitrates (d) Sodium and potassium [SSC JE 2011] 22. The product of H ions and OH- ions in a strong alkali at 25 C is (a) O (c) 10-1 (b) 1 (d) 10-14 ISSC JE 2011]

  6. 23. The permissible limit of arsenic in drinking water as per the guidelines of WHO is (a) 0.01 ppm (c) 001 pprm (b) 0.05 ppm (d) 0.005 ppm [SSC: JE: 2013] Which one of the following sequences is the mos suitable for treating raw surface water to make it suitable for drinking purpose? (a) Screening - filtration sedimentation -> 24. disinfection

  7. (b) Screening- disinfection- sedimentation -filtration (c) Screening-sedimentation -disinfection -filtration (d) Screening-sedimentation -filtration > disinfection [SSC JE 2013] 25. The valve which protects the water meter from the damages of water hammer (a) pressure relief valve (b) stop cock (c) reflux valve (d) water hammer valve [SSC-JE 2015]

  8. Harmful bacteria, which may be present in sewage, may be (a) E coli (c) Vibrio cholera 26. (b) B coli (d) Entamoeba histolytica [SSC-JE 2007] 27. The minimum diameter of an opening of a manhole should be (a) 25 cm (c) 75 cm (b) 50 cm (d) 1005 cm [SSC-JE 2008] Sewage treatment units are normally designed for (a) 5-10 years (c) 30-40 years 28. (b) 15-20 years (d) 50 years [SSC-JE: 2009]

  9. 29. The pH value of fresh-sewage is usually (a) less than 7 (c) equal to 7 (b) more than 7 (d) equal to zero [SSC-JE 2009] 30. A sewer which receives the discharge of a number of house sewers is called: (a) house sewer (b) lateral sewer (c) intercepting sewer (d) sub-main sewer [SSC-JE 2010]