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Environment Questions (2007-2017) : 4 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have described about the questions which is asked in last ten years

Sudhir Jonwal
education:- B.TECH (civil)

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The Second International (1889–1916), the original Socialist International, was an organization of socialist and labour parties formed in Paris on July 14, 1889. {Source- Wiki} mam, if you could tell us something about it in detail then that will be much better. Please.
  1. Environment - (2007- 2017) BY:- SUDHIR JONWAL

  2. About me:- . Sudhir jonwal .Jaipur rajasthan B. Tech in civil from swami keashwanand Institute of technology management and gramothan jaipur Follow me:- https:I/ al

  3. Target audience Ssc-je Other state je Rrb -je

  4. 44. Particles intended to be removed by continuous flow, water sedimentations tank, should have settling velocity (a) more than the surface loading of the tank (b) less than the surface loading of the tank (c) equal of horizontal velocity (d) None of the above [SSC-JE : 2007] In a grit chamber in a sewage treatment plant (a) flow velocity 0.15-0.3 m/s is kept (b) depth 0.9-1.2 m is kept (c) detention time 1 min (d) All of the above 45. [SSC-JE : 2007]

  5. 46. A trap which admits wastewater from floors of bath and kitchen is called (a) Intercepting trap (b) Nahani trap (c) Gully trap (d) S-trap [SSC-JE: 2007] Imhoff cone is used to determine (a) dissolved solids (b) suspended solids (c) total solids 47. (d) settleable solids [SSC-JE 2007]

  6. 48. The self-cleansing velocity of waste-water flowing through sewer should be (a) 5 m/s (b) a minimum velocity maintained at 0.45 m/s at minimum flow (c) a maximum velocity of 0.90 m/s maintained at maximum flow (d) None of the above [SSC-JE : 2007] The ratio of discharge and plan area of a continuous flow type settling tank, is known as (a) surface loading (b) overflow (c) overflow rate (d) All the above 49. [SSC-JE: 2008] The pipe which is used to carry the discharge from sanitary fittings like kitchens etc. is called (a) waste pipe (c) vent pipe 50. (b) soil pipe (d) None of the above ISSC-JE 2009]

  7. A septic tank is (a) a settling tank (c) Both (a) and (b) 51. (b) a digestion tank (d) None of the above [SSC-JE: 2009] Primary treatment of sewage consist of: (a) Removal of floating materials (b) Removal of sand and grit (c) Removal of organic materials (d) All the above 52. ISSC-JE: 2010] 53. The detention period for oxidation ponds is usually kept as: (a) 4-8 hours (c) 10 to 15 days (b) 24 hours (d) 3 months [SSC-JE 2010]

  8. The minimum dissolved oxygen which should always be present in water in order to save the 54. aquatic life is (a) 1 ppm (c) 10 ppm (b) 4 ppm (d) 40 ppm [SSC JE 2011] The most suitable solid waste disposal method for rural areas is (a) Land filling (c) Composting 55. (b) Deep well injection (d) Incineration [SSC JE 2012]

  9. Anti-siphonage pipe is connected to (a) Main soil pipe (b) Bottom of Ptrap W.C (c) Top of P trap W.C (d) Side of water closed 56. ISSC: JE: 2013 The main gas liberated from an anaerobic sludge digestor is (a) NH (c) CO2 57. (b) CO (d) CH [SSC - JE (Afternoon) : 2014] 58. Anaerobic treatment is best suited for (a) High efficiency (b) Toxic wastes (c) Dilute inorganic wastes (d) Strong organic wastes [SSC JE (Forenoon) 2-3-2017]