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Environment Questions (2007-2017) : 1 (in Hindi)
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In this lesson i have described about the questions which is asked in last ten years

Sudhir Jonwal
education:- B.TECH (civil)

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Thank you mam for doing this course helpful ibps 🙏 last two exams of year 🏦
  1. Environment - (2007- 2017) BY:- SUDHIR JONWAL

  2. About me:- . Sudhir jonwal .Jaipur rajasthan B. Tech in civil from swami keashwanand Institute of technology management and gramothan jaipur Follow me:- https:I/ al

  3. Target audience Ssc-je Other state je Rrb -je

  4. 1. The total water requirement of a city is generally assessed on the basis of (a) maximum hourly demand (b) maximum daily demand fire demand (c) average daily demand + fire demand (d) greater of (a) and (b) [SSC-JE 2007] 2. Pick up the incorrect statement (a) Sluice valves are provided to allow flow of water only in one direction, preventing back flow pipeline to admit/release air empty a pipeline water through the pipelines (b) Air valves are provided at summits along a o scour vakves are pr to (d) Gate valves are provided to regulate flow of [SSC-JE 2007]

  5. 3.Water supply includes (a) collection, transportation and treatment of water (b) distribution of water to consumers (c) provision of hydrants for fire fighting (d) All the above [SSC-JE : 2008] The total water demand may be taken as (a) 135 lpcd (c) 210 lpcd 4 (b) 160 lpcd (d) 270 lpcd [SSC-JE 2009] The distribution system in water supplies is designed on the basis of: (a) average daily demand (b) peak hourly demand (c) coincident of draft (d) greater of (b) and (c) 5 [SSC-JE: 2010]

  6. 8. Pollution potential of domestic sewage generated in a town and its industrial sewage can be compared with reference to (a) their BOD value (b) population equivalent (c) their volume (d) the relative density [SSC-JE 2015] 9. As per Indian Standard Specifications, the peak discharge for domestic purposes per capita per minute, is taken (a) 1.80 litres for 5 to 10 users (b) 1.20 litres for 15 users (c) 1.35 litres for 20 users (d) All options are correct [sSC - JE (Forenoon) 3-

  7. In case of laying gullies, siphons, intercepting traps, the cost includes (a) Setting and laying (b) Bed concreting (c) Connection to drains (d) All options are correct 11. ISSC JE (Forenoon) 3-3-2017]

  8. For construction use at a village site, the local pond water must be (a) sieved (b) boiled and filterec (c) mixed with jaggery (d) treated with chlorine 42 [SSC-JE 2007] The total solids in water are due to presence of (a) colloidal and settleable solids (b) suspended and floating solids (c) suspended and dissolved solids (d) colloidal and bacterial load 13. [SSC-JE: 2007] t lower pH, the contact period required for chlorination is (a) lower (c) same 14. A (b) higher (d) None of the above [SSC-JE 2007]

  9. lower pH, the contact period required for chlorination is (a) lower (c) same (b) higher (d) None of the above SSC-JE 2007] Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove (a) turbidity (c) colour 15 (b) odour (d) bacteria [SSC-JE 2008] Permanent hardness of water can be removed by (a) adding alum (c) adding chlorine 16. (b) adding lime (d) zeolite process [SSC-JE 2008]