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Elements of Teaching part-2( in Hindi )
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In this lesson we discussed about elements of teaching part 2 in detail

Naveen Sakh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Naveen Sakh
Assistant professor | 💥Four Times UGC NET | 💥Two Times CTET | 💥INDIA's best Writer on quora in Net | 5 years experience | NTA ugc net expert

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thank u so much sir
Naveen Sakh
9 months ago
You're welcome
Pooja sharma
9 months ago
Great sir keep on posting MORE VIDEOS up to point.. thanks
  1. Elements of Teaching Aptitude By Naveen Sakh

  2. Elements of teaching 5. Teaching aptitude is to provide opportunities for activity 6. Teaching aptitude is sympathetic 7. Teaching aptitude is cooperative .8. Teaching aptitude is an organisation of learning .9. Teaching aptitude is Democratic

  3. Elements of teaching 10. It is progressive .11. It helps the student to adjust himself to environment .12. It is both Diagnostic and remedial