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(Hindi) Teaching Aptitude: NTA UGC NET


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Naveen Sakh

In this course we will cover every topic of teaching aptitude unit of paper 1 according to the new syllabus. We will include both conception analysis of topics and multiple choice questions in that course. Which makes it a very helpful for all.


44 lessons • 2 h 33 m
Overview of the Course (in Hindi )

5m 49s

Concept of Teaching (in Hindi)

8m 26s

Learner centred approach of Teaching ( in Hindi )

7m 28s

Bi polar/ tri polar and Nature of Teaching ( in Hindi )

8m 08s

Nature of teaching part-2 ( in Hindi )

9m 21s

Principles of teaching ( in Hindi )

9m 14s

Elements of Teaching part-1 ( in Hindi )

8m 50s

Elements of Teaching part-2( in Hindi )

8m 16s

Swayam ( in Hindi )

8m 23s

Swayamprabha ( in Hindi )

8m 21s

Phases of Teaching ( in Hindi )

9m 01s

Teacher centred approach ( in Hindi )

8m 46s

Objectives of teaching ( in Hindi )

8m 20s

Online method of teaching ( in Hindi )

8m 37s

Offline method of teaching ( in Hindi )

8m 00s

Traditional support system ( in Hindi )

8m 46s

Memory based ( in Hindi )

7m 30s

Understanding base ( in Hindi )

7m 22s

Reflective ( in Hindi )

7m 36s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-1 ( in Hindi )

7m 22s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-2 ( in Hindi )

8m 10s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-3 ( in Hindi )

7m 22s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-4 ( in Hindi )

7m 08s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-5 ( in Hindi )

8m 11s

Teaching Aptitude Exam Oriented MCQs set-6 ( in Hindi )

7m 22s

Different variables of Teaching ( in Hindi )

8m 05s

Cognitive domain ( in Hindi )

7m 44s

Cognitive domain functions ( in Hindi )

5m 48s

Affective domain ( in Hindi )

8m 09s

Psychomotor domain ( in Hindi )

6m 46s

Pedagogy ( in Hindi )

11m 49s

Pedagogical Approach (Behaviourism & Constructivism) ( in Hindi )

12m 34s

Pedagogical Approach (Social Constructivism & Liberationsim) ( in Hindi )

13m 43s

Andragogy and heutology ( in Hindi )

12m 52s

Learner's Evaluation through MCQs ( in Hindi )

8m 45s

Learner's Evaluation through MCQs part-2 ( in Hindi )

8m 04s

Lev vygotsky sociocultural theory ( in Hindi )

10m 05s

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) ( in Hindi )

11m 13s

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) part-2 ( in Hindi )

8m 16s

Computer Based Testing (CBT) ( in Hindi )

10m 16s

Adult Learners Characteristics ( in Hindi )

12m 23s

Adult Learner's characteristics 2nd part ( in Hindi )

9m 44s

Adolescent Learners characteristics ( in Hindi )

9m 34s

Adolescent Learners characteristics part-2 ( in Hindi )

10m 06s



42 reviews

Sana Siddiqui

reviewed on May 31, 2019

Way of teaching is Fantastic sir. Thanks a lot for ur hard work.👍👍

sadhana Pal

reviewed on Apr 29, 2019

it s nice sir....keep helping......god will bless you....and you to give blessing to us...i blessed to have you..

Ajit Hanmantrao Deshmukh

reviewed on May 5, 2019

Nice lessons Sirji u r such a wonderful teacher keep it up 👍👌 God bless u

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